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WeWork BKC is Looking For an Interior Photographer – Archived

WeWork recently launched for the first time in Mumbai, in the thriving business district of BKC. They’re looking for a talented photographer with some experience shooting interiors to do a 2-3 day shoot of the location in Mumbai, capturing both the space and people. They want to encapsulate the general vibe and culture of the brand, manifested via the interiors and space. The ideal candidate for this opportunity would be someone who can amplify beautiful spaces and make them look just as good if not better, in photographs.

If you’re interested, you can chat to Anushka Gupta, from the WeWork Brand & Marketing team, on Dysco, or email us at info@dyscoapp.com.

WeWork is a platform for creators. They provide beautiful workspace, a global community, and meaningful business services to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and companies of all types. WeWork considers themselves much more than just four walls, they evolve space into experience, enabling people to do what they love. It is a hub for collaboration, creative exchange, and inspiring ideas. You can learn more about their new BKC building here.

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