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Volunteer As an Artist & Redesign Salaam Balak Trust’s Shelter Home in Mumbai – Archived

ConnectFor, the digital volunteering platform that connects NGOs and volunteers, is looking for an experienced artist who wants to help them transform and brighten a shelter home in Mumbai. To celebrate their 2 year anniversary and commemorate two years of bringing joy and value to their NGOs and volunteers, they will be painting Salaam Baalak Trust’s shelter home in Chowpatty.

They will be gathering about 40 volunteers to participate in the project, but they need an experienced artist to help come up with a beautiful design that the volunteers can paint within. The artist would be leading the project, and would have to complete the design (not the painting) by 9th December, 2017. It’s a chance for an artist to use their passion for art for a great cause, create and sign their original design, and have their work publicly visible for everyone to admire!

There are two walls that are going to be painted, and the ConnectFor team will be visiting the location on this Friday, the 1st of December. Dysco will be promoting the work in progress and the completed artwork as well, for all our audiences to admire and appreciate!

If you’re interested in this opportunity or know someone who can help out, please email us at info@dyscoapp.com, or chat with Shloka Mehta on Dysco for more details.

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