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Third Wave Coffee Roasters is Hiring a Communications & Digital Manager – Archived

November 2nd, 2017

Bangalore-based Third Wave Coffee Roasters is looking for a creative and talented Communications & Digital Manager to join their team. They source single origin arabica beans that are grown responsibly, and roast them in small batches to serve fresh & thoughtful coffee. They sell coffee, coffee equipment and have a cafe as well.

“United by coffee, driven by excellence, our team at TWCR is rare to find. While being awesomely accomplished at whatever we do, our human touch is what defines us. We passionately explain our coffee process, lift chairs and tables for our customers, run marathons for charity, look after our environment, dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We enjoy every opportunity to meet and chat with interesting folks, so drop us a line and we will be in touch.”

They are now looking for a driven and passionate communications professional who will work as part of the creative team to manage, curate and develop the communication and digital strategy. As the in house communication specialist, you will design the digital push for the company and manage all social media accounts to interact and work closely in understanding and conveying the world of coffee that TWCR brings to our patrons. While creating innovative stories and campaigns around coffee is a primarily role, the ideal candidate will be expected to shoot photographs, interact with customers (to capture their requirements), and measure the impact of digital on bringing the right stories around Third Wave’s offline and online experiences.

Below are the details of the job profile, and the kind of candidate they’re looking for – if you’re interested in pursuing this opportunity, you can chat with the Co-Founder of Third Wave Coffee, Ayush Bathwal, on Dysco. Or if you’d like a personal introduction, write to us at

You will

  • Develop the digital strategy to create lifestyle brand around online and offline
    retail experiences
  • Capture essence of offline experience and bring alive through digital channels
  • Write blogs, articles, campaigns and spread across email, social media and other
    online channels
  • Create stories and content around coffee (estates, farmers, brewing methods
  • Work closely with customers in understanding and bringing out their relationship
    with the brand
  • Shoot and edit appropriate photos for digital campaigns
  • Create referral strategy for online sales
  • Attend events inside and outside Third Wave locations to do brand promotions
  • Drive partnerships engagement with TWCR partners (SHM etc.)

You are

  • Driven to create a lifestyle brand
  • Passionate about working with design, social media and interaction with
    customers to reflect customer stories and brand engagement definitions
  • Meticulous and attentive to deep detail
  • Excellent communication and language skills
  • Comfortable in working with teams and in a fast paced environment (requiring to
    work outside any time boundaries)
  • Not afraid to question the status quo and bring the most out of team members
    with constructive feedback

You have

  • Experience in a design agency working closely on digital and design campaigns
    (2+ years)
  • Substantive​ ​knowledge​ ​in​ ​Photoshop,​ ​Illustrator,​ ​InDesign​ ​etc.
  • Good understanding of photography (not expertise)
  • Ability to engage and empathise with customer stories and communication
  • Translation of language into campaigns to concisely but effectively bring out
  • Preferable experience with lifestyle company
  • SEO/Conversion optimisation is a plus