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Sustainable swimwear brand PA.NI is looking to collaborate with Photographers, Illustrators, Content Creators and Pop-ups

PA.NI is a young swimwear brand crafted for Indian women and is committed to body positivity and sustainability. They are looking to collaborate with Pop-Ups, Photographers, Content Creators, and Illustrators in Mumbai. 

About PA.NI

PA.NI, founded by Leila Veerasamy, an island girl with roots in International Development, is a sustainable and inclusive swimwear brand, crafted specifically for the Indian woman. By acknowledging the gap in Indian swimwear, their inclusive swimsuits are designed to empower women of all body types to feel comfortable and confident. To counter the footprint made by fast-fashion, PA.NI is an eco-friendly, slow fashion brand, created with high-quality Italian fabric made from recycled fishnets and ocean waste. The creed to sustainable fashion is reflected in all stages of production; from responsibly sourced materials to employing artisans of cottage industries. To explore body positivity, PA.NI surveyed 300+ Indian women to understand their relationship with their bodies and incorporated their favourite features into the swimsuits. PA.NI enhances the shopping experience by using diverse images of body types and caters to women in real life as opposed to sticking to stereotypes.

About the role


PA.NI is looking for talented photographers who are passionate about challenging the status quo in the beauty industry. Photographers with a bold aesthetic who is willing to redefine the traditional swimwear shoots. Their muse is modern, urban Indian women who wear what they want, when they want- and need this to be portrayed through an honest lens.

Content Creators and Illustrators

PA.NI is looking for a diverse range of voices, from various backgrounds; be it op-ed or storytelling through comics. They must have a deep interest in women’s empowerment, development, sustainability, body positivity and beauty & fashion.


  • Ethical, slow fashion mindset- Pop-ups with sustainability as their root and who want to highlight ethical brands, cottage industries, up-cycled materials creating circularity in the industry.
  • Events with resort and summer editions are most preferable
  • Events that are medium-sized with a footfall of approximately 200-500 people in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Surat, Chennai, Calcutta, and Pune.
  • The event must be after the third or fourth edition and have a loyal following.

PA.NI is always open to creating opportunities and interacting with customers in meaningful ways. Events that allow the community to interact in a meaningful way like hosting discussions surrounding ethical fashion, plastic pollution, upcycled plastic industry and AMA’s.

How to apply?

If you are interested in the role, send us an email at with your CV and a description explaining why you want to collaborate with PA.NI.