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Sustainable food brand Arugula & Co is hiring a Marketing & Social Media Intern

Mumbai-based Arugula & Co. recently launched their line of artisanal salad dressings to suit a variety of palates. Their mission is to make healthy eating and healthy living a convenient, accessible and regular part of your lifestyle. They’re looking to hire a Marketing & Social Media intern for a 3 month period. Read below for more details and chat with founder Niharika Goenka on Dysco App to learn more about her proactive vision and ambitions. 

What is Arugula & Co.’s mission?

Nutrition is a complex science, but food? Food is simple. In the words of Micheal Pollan, our favorite food writer: “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Enter, Arugula: Forget about fad diets or the next superfood. Just eat your veggies. Arugula helps you eat a greater variety of vegetables and a greater quantity of vegetables. There is no diet in the world that discourages eating plants, and the reason is simple: the food group is packed with micronutrients, fibres, and disease fighting agents. Looking for a life upgrade? Just #eatmoreveggies

Founded by Niharika Goenka, a nutrition expert and enthusiast, Arugula & Co.’s first product line features a selection of unique and tantalising salad dressings. From the tried and tested balsamic + olive oil, peanut + lime to more adventurous wasabi + togarashi, their combinations can elevate your simple salad to a tantalising treat.

“After completing my MS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology I realised that everyone wanted to be healthy but not everyone knew how. The problems were often not a lack of motivation, but rather a lack of clarity. So the hope is to use retail to educate consumers about what a healthful diet is, and to assist them as they (hopefully) overhaul their lifestyles,” says Niharika.

What’s the role?

As Marketing & Social Media intern, you would assist with a variety of aspects involved in running the business and spreading awareness amongst both existing and potential customers. The role is a full time internship for the next 3 months, with the possibility of that turning into a full time role at a later date. The intern will receive a stipend of Rs. 5000/month
Responsibilities include:

  • Creating, shooting and posting social media campaigns
  • Creating interesting and innovative content for the website
  • Attending and executing events that might be weekly
  • Lending a hand with existing social media efforts
  • Conceptualising your own ideas and campaigns from scratch

How to apply?

If you’re interested in applying for the position, email your CV to or chat with her on Dysco App to know more about the role and company. If you’d like a personal introduction, email us on