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Production House Black Frame Collective is Hiring – Archived

Black Frame Collective is a production house based in Mumbai, India. They’re a company dedicated to the creation of innovation-based solutions for commercial, corporate and entertainment purposes. Not only does BFC produce high quality content for all their clients, they’re also committed to coming up with ideas and concepts that are different, unique and out-of-the-box. As a team, they make sure to understand each client’s style, aesthetic and audience, and then tailor their services to suit specific needs.

They’re on the lookout for a variety of roles, as they’re young and looking to grow. In the last year, they’ve grown exponentially, so much so that their client list is expanding on a weekly basis. In fact, the Creative Director of their firm is currently shadowing one of the most celebrated and respected Bollywood Film Directors! Their client list includes La Folie Patisserie, Freshmenu, Truefitt & Hill, Ape Machines and 1441 Pizzeria.

While experience in production is essential for all the paid roles, no formal qualification is necessary. What they’re looking for is talented people, who are smart, hard working and passionate. Those who can really go out there and make things happen, the kind of people who don’t settle for anything but top quality.

  • In-house Editor: To handle most of the corporate editing
  • Executive Producer: To handle specific projects, based on his / her strengths
  • Line Producer: To handle general shoots
  • Two Interns: Contribute across different areas and learn about ad production

If you’re interested in pursuing any of these roles, or want to know more about the opportunities at BFC, you can chat with Angad Dev, the CEO, on Dysco! Or alternatively, if you’d like a personal introduction, get in touch with us at