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Nature Valley Farms is Looking for a Creative Agency or Individuals for Web Design, Development & Marketing Collaterals – Archived

18th January, 2018

Mumbai-based Nature Valley Farms (NVF) is looking for an agency or an individual to both build, redesign and upgrade their company website along with creating corporate mailers and the company profile. 

What is Nature Valley Farms? Nature Valley Farms LLP (NVF) is a fully integrated agricultural production company, established in 2015 with a vision of wanting to produce high quality fruits and vegetables while adhering to global agricultural practices. NVF’s mission is creating effective and sustainable practices across agricultural value chain. NVF strongly believes that farmers are the backbone of the country and as the government is focusing on doubling the income of farmers, NVF is aiming for it’s farms to act as knowledge centres and reference points for such farmers.

Why’s this amazing opportunity? This is a great opportunity for a creative agency or an independent designer to take up a  a comprehensive web design and development project. If you have an interest or passion for agricultural reform, sustainability or farming, this is perfect for you. They also need some creative collaterals made, which they can use for marketing and packaging purposes. 

NVF is looking for someone  who will be able to creatively emote NVF’s vision, principles and enthusiasm through the website by using visual stimulators like videos, photographs and charts. The applicant must be someone who’s able to work and think independently while holding to deadlines. The ideal candidate or agency will have the ability to create the website in an emotion evoking manner, understanding and insight to great designing is a must.

This is a great opportunity to let your creative juices flow and create a classy website for the company who is doing their share to make India more sustainable. If you’re interested, email us at with a link to your Dysco profile and we’ll connect you to the people at Nature Valley Farms.

What kind of website?

  • It needs to look and feel natural
  • It should look visually appealing with the help of flow charts, illustrations,videos  etc
  • Must be about 6-8 pages
  • Should present sustainability and the NVF’s eco system
  • Crisp content and succint information

Does this sound like the short term project you’ve been looking for? Email us at with a link to your Dysco profile and we’ll connect you to the people at Nature Valley Farms.