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Get your work featured on LOVER & Dysco: sustainability meets art and design

LOVER is an India-centric sustainability-driven design, visual arts and lifestyle magazine. In celebration of LOVER’s fundraiser, we’re collaborating with them to feature a selection of art, photography and design projects themed around sustainability. Read below for more details or chat with Sheena on Dysco App to know more.

What’s LOVER? 

Founded in 2016, LOVER is a niche independent online lifestyle publication that covers travel, design, visual art, sustainable modern living, food and culture. They offer readers a glimpse into the homes, workplaces, travels and brains of some of India’s most creative people. LOVER is a slow magazine. That is, an issue comes to life bit-by-bit over the span of six months and they put lots of care and thought into each one. They try and feature people and projects who do the same with their own lives and work. They are currently fuelled and funded by their readers and the creative community.

How can you get featured?

To celebrate LOVER’s fundraiser and their reopening of submissions as a result, we are collaborating with them to showcase some of the best projects where sustainability, art, photography and design intersect. Contribute any projects by emailing us both at and with a link to your portfolio or project and a short blurb introducing it (if needed) and we will publish our favourites on both our platforms.

Submissions close on August 15th, 2018. 

More about LOVER’s fundraiser

LOVER provides a rare platform to showcase India’s creative community, through a modern and visual lens. Publications supported solely by advertising care more about numbers than relevancy. That means the focus is usually on quantity over quality and plenty of advertorial to keep sponsors happy. Making a magazine is fun and rewarding but it also takes a lot of time and effort and costs money. LOVER aims for a community-supported publication because it helps them bring you the best stories, so they can create more original content. As they approach their third year, LOVER needs to to raise enough funds for their sixth and seventh issues, as well as publish a limited edition print anthology of their best stories. Their effort is being supported by recongised and trusted brands in the community like Safomasi, Bare Necessities, Andamen, Jodi and Claymen.

Contribute directly to LOVER’s fundraiser on Ketto to keep them alive for another year.