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Dysco is Looking for Collaborators and Correspondents for Jaipur Literature Festival – Archived

Are you a wordsmith, a bibliophiles, a blogger, a photographer or someone else who’s really excited about JLF 2018 from 25th -29th January? If you are, read on to know more or learn how to work with us for this opportunity.  

What is JLF?
If you haven’t already heard of it, here’s what you should know: as the name suggests, it’s a literature festival being held in Jaipur where literary icons from all over are going to gather at to create an intellectually enriching experience. Some have dubbed the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival one of the most invigorating and engaging literary fests around, and we’re really eager to get involved and celebrate some exceptional authors, writers, journalists and literary enthusiasts too.

What is the opportunity?
We are looking for writers, journalists, bloggers or photographers who want to work as correspondents for Dysco to cover the event or submit your content to be published on our platforms and channels.

You might be wondering what we’re getting at, right? Hold on, we’re getting to it. We understand that being a writer can be wonderful and challenging all at the same time, but when you think about it, all of us just want to be heard, don’t we? So for this project we thought it would be great if we could work with our own Robert Fisks and Christian Amanpours as Dysco’s correspondents.

What would you have to do?
Go to JLF, attend the sessions we’ve selected, do what you do best (write a cover about the event, take pictures of the talks and speakers, create engaging visual content inspired by it (illustrations of authors, book covers, other graphic art), write your own blog post or short story, and submit it to us for us to publish. You will be experiencing the JLF first hand. You will be doing what you’re passionate about, writing, communicating and capturing moments with your creativity. It’s just that simple!

What’s in it for you?

  • Your work and words reach Dysco’s entire audience across social media, our website, newsletters and app users.
  • These include brands and businesses and recruitment agencies looking out for new talent
  • You might collaborate with authors looking for illustrators and artists to design book covers etc.
  • Your published work can work as a mini portfolio for future opportunities
  • Selected images get showcased at one of our offline events and exhibits

Note that this is a paid project, the details of which will be shared with shortlisted applicants.

Awesome. I’m in. How do I participate and get selected?

  • Send us an email at with the subject ‘JLF Correspondent Application’ before the 24th of January 2018.
  • Include a link to your portfolio / personal blog / sample works.
  • Include a link to your Dysco profile (Download the latest version on the Google Play Store, the App Store or use it on the web!)

If you’re as eager to get started as we are then go ahead and shoot us a mail at