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Sexual awareness platform PillowTalk is hiring Content Writers in Mumbai

PillowTalk is the first Indian digital platform dedicated to sex education, wellness and culture. They are looking to hire content writers to join their team in Mumbai. There is an overwhelming amount of sexual content on the web, but it’s either too medical, explicit or overwhelming. By using personal experiences and a relatable voice, PillowTalk yearns to satisfy the sexually curious, popularise safe sex and encourage healthy behaviors, and reduce the stigma around sex in India. They are in their initial stages of building their team and are looking for people to help them reinforce that sexuality is a healthy, normal and positive part of life.



There is currently no form of sex education in India. Both the act of sex and talking about it are taboo, even though sex is increasingly permeating popular culture. Given this mentality, there is a lack of access to accurate information about sexual intercourse, wellness, diseases, and related concerns, tailored to the Indian audience. There is a huge need for a safe space – a single, trusted, resource that enables easy access to reliable information and an inclusive community. PillowTalk aims to be exactly this: an online content platform dedicated to sexual education, wellness and culture. Our content will be both educational and experiential, told through a strictly Indian lens. People are hungry for information which they get from unreliable and fragmented sources.


The content writer role involves creating and spreading the message of PillowTalk, while keeping the community engaged with different, original content. The type of content will be introductory articles, bite-sized definitions of sex-related subjects. How-tos and guides, as well as some experimental content. PillowTalk’s brand voice is relatable and trusted; discrete and non-explicit, inclusive and different. They will discuss the realities of sex, not what textbooks tell us to do. Spreading stories about what really happens, not what “should.”


  • Young, urban Indian, who is socially connected, digitally active, sexually curious and hungry for change 
  • Both men and women 
  • Tier 1 & 2 cities – Sector B – C (upper – middle / lower middle class) 
  • Ages 15 – 40 – Educated, English-speaking and with access to a smartphone


  • Casual
  • Relatable
  • Conversational
  • Friendly


  • Relatable: personal, educational and experiential – tailored for the modern Indian
  • Trusted: reliable information from real, credible sources
  • Discrete: tastefully written content optimized for a mobile device
  • Non-explicit: educational and informative, not pornographic in nature
  • Inclusive: culturally sensitive while not being unnecessarily politically correct
  • Not pushing an agenda: we are not trying to tell people what to do. We are just
    helping them find the information they need
  • Different: we want to talk about the realities of sex, not what textbooks tell us to do
  • People know what they “should” do – they want to hear what actually


  • Introductory articles related to sexual education, written in a personal, relatable tone
  • Bite-sized definitions of sex-related subjects
  • How-tos & guides
  • Write to us at info@pillowtalk.in for more details and a list of required


  • There is an overwhelming amount of sexual content on the web, but it is either too medical/ scientific or too explicit. We want to use personal experience and a relatable voice to explain the reality of how things work in the bedroom.
  • Love Matters– NGO. Very basic content. Targets lower tier customers. English + Hindi  offering
  • Homegrown – Sex & Sexuality – Target upper-middle class. Experienced individuals.
  • Has good original voice – mDhil – An Indian Content platform for info on health.
  • Shut down – you can use http://web.archive.org/ to find old content, aimed at Indian market
  •  Agents of Ishq – Social Project. Targets lower tier customers. English + Hindi offering.


Initial base content – ~5-10 articles for our initial proof-of-concept, centered around the basics of sex education and health. Length and scope TBD mutually. Please email us for a list of articles.

We are looking for Original content writers in English and Hindi, as well as translators in Hindi.


If you’d like to join the team, e-mail us at info@dyscoapp.com, with your CV and a brief purpose statement stating why you’d like to work at PillowTalk. We’ll review your application and connect you to the relevant member of the PillowTalk team.

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