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Concrete Audio is Looking for a Freelance Graphic Designer – Archived

Concrete Audio is looking for a graphic designer to redesign their logo.

They’re looking for someone who can adapt their brand image and create a logo that defines the crux of the company – high-end sound systems for all your needs. So if you’re into music and a passionate designer who is looking to  flaunt their skills, this might be perfect for you!

Concrete Audio brings together the world’s best home cinemas, acoustics and premium audio systems to India. They’re a Bangalore-based electronic retail and distribution company, with a focus on detailed product knowledge with an excellent standard of customer service. They offer acoustics analysis and consultancy services, they can set up high-end home theatres, entire high-end AV installations and all your futuristic audio needs (amps, speakers, turntables, music servers, and cables to name a few!)

If you’re interested, create your Dysco profile and email us at info@dyscoapp.com, or talk to Charan Ponappa directly.

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