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BOHECO’s hemp fashion and fabric brands BLabel & HFL are looking to collaborate with creatives interested in sustainability

BOHECO’s BLabel & Hemp Fabric Lab are India’s pioneering Hemp based brands. Inspired by a better future, they are devoted to diminishing the footprint of fast fashion, and with ethical practices creates an aesthetic of easy-to-wear products. BLabel is looking to collaborate with Mumbai-based Stylists, Bloggers, Photographers, Multi-Store owners and PR agencies who are passionate about sustainability. Hemp Fabric Lab is looking to collaborate with designers, photographers, and students in design


Founded in 2013, Bombay Hemp Company is an Agro-based enterprise that has been working aggressively towards creating an environmental and social impact. BOHECO  is an agro-socio enterprise advocating for the use of Industrial Hemp or Cannabis Sativa with a goal of empowering Indian farmers to adopt better, more sustainable practices of cultivation in the hope of improving their livelihood. Their vision is to become pioneers in developing a sustainable business model for creating large-scale social, economic, and environmental impact. Their work has been instrumental in driving awareness and banishing any stigmas around Industrial Hemp, with respect to its association with Marijuana even though the two couldn’t be more different. They’ve been working closely with farmers, scientists, policymakers, industry leaders, and world communities to drive measurable social impact.

Under BOHECO, they deal with different industrial uses of Hemp, namely – Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Medicine. Currently, there are about 4 brands under BOHECO dedicated to different areas of Hemp: BOHECO Textiles, Hemp Fabric Lab, BLabel and BOHECO Life. The two which are revolutionising the fashion industry are:

  • HEMP FABRIC LAB – a one-stop shop for designers and innovators to buy sustainable fabrics from. This brand specifically deals with 100% hemp fabric and blends with other natural fibers like organic cotton, Tencel, wool, silk, bamboo, and nettle
  • BLABEL – India’s first fashion brand with all Hemp clothing specialising in easy-to-wear styles for the discerning men and women.

About Hemp Fabric Lab

Hemp fabric is touted to be the fabric of the future; its low carbon footprint and high durability make it a favourite for designers and brands. HFL’s products are highly versatile and can be used for anything from clothing, accessories, home decor, as shirts, uniforms, graduation gowns, pillowcases. Hemp fabric holds integrity and only gets softer with each wash. HFL sources material from India, Nepal and South Asia, and has partnered with NGO Athulya Krishi to help employ women weavers in Uttarakhand to make beautiful heirlooms.

About the roles 

Hemp Fabric Lab is committed to helping all business owners reduce their carbon footprint and use products that are premium and durable. They are looking to collaborate with all businesses that require fabric. In particular:

  • Designers in the textile, fashion, interior decor industry (e.g. brands with eco-friendly products)
  • Photographers who are inclined towards sustainable product campaigns
  • Interns for content creation and marketing who are passionate about eco-friendly products

About BLabel

BLabel weaves the future of fashion using nature’s miracle crop- Hemp/ Cannabis Sativa, a versatile crop that requires no pesticides, replenishes the soil and makes for a strong fabric. Hemp is used because it is organically cultivated, carbon negative, UV resistant and antibacterial, it’s the strongest natural fiber on the planet, it gets better with every wash and it requires far lesser water to grow than other natural fibers.

Their products urge consumers to think about mindless consumption and inspire a community to think about their practices towards a greener world. They don’t see sustainable clothing as a trend, but a lifestyle and necessity, fashioned as a minimal aesthetic, behind a maximal vision.

About the roles

BOHECO is a driven company committed to creating eco-friendly industries, they are always looking to collaborate with those with an aligned vision and dedication. In particular, they’re keen to collaborate with:

  • Bloggers with interest and prior associations with sustainable fashion.
  • Stylists and Models who have an appreciation in an easy-to-wear aesthetic.
  • Art Directors with an acute interest in a creative expression of building a better future.
  • PR and Marketing agencies with experience in working in the field of sustainability.

How to get in touch?

If you are interested in a collaboration role, email us at with your CV / website / work links attached and a brief explanation stating your interest in working with BLabel, Hemp Fabric Lab or BOHECO.

BOHECO will also be present at the Beta & Beyond: The Fashion Edit. Come meet them in person and find out more about this opportunity to work with them.