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Bespoke fashion label Seam is looking to collaborate with Freelance Graphic Designers in Mumbai

Seam is a bespoke fashion label that customises ready-made garments with rich colourful artwork and detailed embroidery to enhance your wardrobe to fit your own creative expression. Founded by Mit Shah, his mission for Seam is to help people express themselves through fashion – using pop art, symbolism, caricatures and elaborate artwork. They are looking to hire and collaborate with Freelance Graphic Designers, Visual Artists, Illustrators and Doodle Artists in Mumbai.

About Seam

Seam is a line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together in a garment or article. Using expert craftsmanship and detailed stitching, they transform basic clothing into statement pieces. Be it denim jackets, bomber jackets, or a plain white tee – Seam is for anyone who wants to wear their outspoken mind. Using hand stitched embroidery and unique artwork, they are lauded for their ability to customise clothing that becomes an extension of the person, telling a story through hues, beads, and stitches.

About the roles

Seam is looking for passionate freelance creators who can illustrate, doodle, paint and create graphics for their clothes. If you want to see your artwork or designs on clothing, or feel like you have a vision and ability to jazz up a plain jacket, jeans or shirt – then get in touch for a new collaboration opportunity.

  • Graphic designers with creative art direction to be able to analyse customer briefs and descriptions
  • Visual storytelling is important to be able to innovate, transform and create art from a brief
  • Graphic designers should be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and all relevant design software
  • Experience with working in a fashion label is preferred

How to apply?

If you are interested in this role, email us at with your CV / relevant links / works along with a brief explanation stating why you want to work with Seam.