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Collaborate with Dysco & Support the LGBTQ Community at Mumbai Pride! – Archived

Dysco is proudly celebrating all genders and sexualities!

Mumbai Pride 2018 is here, and our entire team is excited to attend the Queer Azaadi Parade on the 3rd of February 2018. We truly believe that every individual should have equal rights, no matter their gender or preferences, and to show our support for the LGBTQ community, we will be marching the march.

Not only are we participating in the Pride March itself, but we’re also running a digital campaign to spread awareness around the LGBTQ community’s experiences in Indian workplaces. This includes interviews with influencers in the community and the curation of visual, written and audio content by anyone who wants to create content that celebrates this theme.

What are the options for submission themes?

  1. Celebrating LGBTQ rights in the modern workplace OR
  2. A Representation of the Pride Community in Mumbai.

Who can participate? We’re open to submissions from all creatives including

  • Graphic Designers / Illustrators / Artists: can submit posters, artwork, album covers, book covers etc.
  • Poets / Writers / Bloggers: can submit short stories, poems, journal entries, opinion pieces etc.
  • Photographers / Filmmakers / Vloggers: can submit photo series, single images, short films, vlogs etc.

How to Submit? Instead of complicating things, here’s a step by step process for you:

  1. Create visual, written or audio or content around either of the topics mentioned above. Feel free to get experimental, there’s no word limit, size limit or creative restrictions.
  2. Download the Dysco App, either from the App Store or the Google Play and create a profile for yourself. (The more attractive, the better!)
  3. Upload your submission for this campaign on your profile. You can upload images, paste links to your online media and even write complete articles in the caption box. If you want to paste a link to your own blog, Youtube or Soundcloud channel, you can do that too.
  4. Email us on with a link (or multiple links) to your submission post(s) (you can get this by clicking on the ‘Share’ icon under your post, and selecting ‘copy link’). We will then get back to you if you’re selected!

What’s the deadline? Monday, 5th February 2018

There will be perks, right?

Of course! The top 3 selected participants will get an interview feature, where they get to talk about their work, their opinions and their experiences. If selected, your interview and selected work gets spotlighted on the Dysco website, which is distributed via our newsletter and social channels too – reaching over 10,000 targeted and curated businesses, brands, creatives and professionals directly.

We’re excited to stand up for a united and equal tomorrow. Oh, and if you’re around and interested, come along with Team Dysco for the Mumbai Pride march on Saturday 3rd February. You can email us at to discuss a bit more.

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