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The Bold Creative is Hiring a Creative Copy & Content Writer – Archived

November 2nd, 2017

A young creative agency based out of Bangalore, The Bold Creative works mainly in the domains of Design, Films and Brand Strategy. Founded in 2014, the agency has grown to it’s current position with no external funding, and by pure showcase of talent and recommendations.

Having worked with start-ups and brands like Wishberry, Dysco, StyleCracker, Little Black Book, Caratlane, Ola Cabs and Burger King. the agency has garnered a lot of attention at a young age. They aim to bring Indian centric design out in the market, and hopefully help in changing the creative landscape.

We worked with TBC ourselves, and what we truly valued was their deep love for what they do, their down-to-earth and friendly team, their determination to come up with innovative solutions and their adorable resident dog, Laila.

If you´re someone who believes can be a part of this journey with them, and get excited at the thought of putting ideas into words. You´re bound to have a good time with the very picky creative director and the design team. They´re looking for someone who is not only logical and practical, but also has a voice and doesn’t shy away from experimenting and fighting for good ideas.

Creative Copy & Content Writer – Job Description

The applicant must have a keen interest in advertising and communication. Every new campaign in the newspaper, TV, social media or any channel must be a topic of discussion.

The job will include:

  1. Coming up with creative ideas and campaign for pitches to new clients. These would include the writer to also have knowledge of social media, branding, and studying competition.
  2. Writing for current clients who are engaged with the agency, and require content such as blogs, copy for social media, social media campaigns, TV, Radio and Web video scripts.
  3. Deep involvement with the creative team in designing and creating social media plans, and strategy for clients.
  4. Being friendly, accepting of feedback, having opinions and petting the office dog once in a while.

If you’re looking to join their team, you can message the Creative Director, Pragnya Venkatesh on Dysco. Or if you would like a personal introduction, let us know on