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Bare Necessities is Looking to Hire and Collaborate – Archived

Are you passionate about sustainability and women empowerment? Bare Necessities, based in Bangalore,  is looking to hire for multiple roles including illustrators, graphic designers and operations management personnel, interns and is also looking forward to collaborate with restaurants and cafes who might want to take the sustainable route.  

What’s Bare Necessities?

Bare Necessities is a zero waste personal care and home care brand and is also a hub for awareness on waste-free living! At Bare Necessities, they believe in creating products that care for the environment as much as they care for you. Powered by nourishing, body-loving bare ingredients, their products are formulated with purity in mind, so you can feel good about the products you use in more ways than one.

To make sure they always stick to their goal of sustainability, they only use organic, local and ethically sourced ingredients. If you’re like them, you’ll be happy to know all of their products are non-toxic, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. Plus, all of their packaging is recyclable, which means nothing ends up in a landfill. They handcraft each of our products with love in Bangalore, India. Bare Necessities is a completely women run enterprise, founded by a 26-year-old who has been living a zero-waste lifestyle for 2 years.

What they’re looking for?

Bare Necessities is looking to collaborate and hire on different levels. So if you’re someone who’s always wanted to get involved in making a career in the field of sustainability, these might be just right for you! Their openings and collaborative opportunities  include:

Collaboration with Cafe and restaurants

Bare Necessities is both vocal and passionate about being a zero waste organization, now with their line of lifestyle products which includes eco-friendly straws and more, they wish to collaborate with different eateries who are looking to turn into zero waste producing, sustainable ventures by replacing plastic and other unnaturally made products with eco-friendly products produced by Bare Necessities.  

Collaboration with illustrators and graphic designers

Bare Necessities’ other mission includes educating people and creating awareness around sustainability and lifestyle around it. They are always on the lookout to create and share cool and engaging creatives that will not only help individuals understand the concept and process of sustainability better but it will also make the concept of having a sustainable lifestyle more accessible for anyone who wants to adapt to it.

Collaboration with Cafes, Yoga Studios, Universities and Schools

Bare Necessities’ founder Sahar Mansoor has given many ‘Trash Talks’ on various platforms like Google and more, Bare Necessities’ aspiration is to help the society grow into a sustainable ecology and they are always excited to have the opportunity to share their insights and enthusiasm about zero-waste with others to inspire a more sustainable tomorrow.

Job opportunity for an operations management personnel

Bare Necessities is a growing hub and is on a lookout for a business operations personnel who will be able to work up and expand business models for them. Specifics would include:

  1. Being the business backbone for Bare Necessities
  2. Overseeing production of products
  3. Planning and controlling change
  4. Managing quality assurance checks
  5. Researching new and alternative methods for better efficiency
  6. Overseeing inventory and distribution of products

Summer internships including roles for sales and marketing interns, finance interns and photography interns

Bare Necessities is also looking to hire motivated deadline-keeping summer interns, who hold a bachelor degree or are undergraduate students,  for a minimum duration of 2 months.

What will you be doing?

  1. User engagement on social media channels to increase brand awareness and reach
  2. Category awareness in existing and new users
  3. Compiling market research, scoping and benchmarking with online portals and retail outlets
  4. Daily operational management
  5. Events and workshops
  6. Documentation and basic book-keeping
  7. Assist in business canvassing and business modelling (BBM or B.Com students would be ideal)
  8. Research case studies on various waste management ideologies
  9. Content writing and product placements for marketing activities


Bare Necessities headquarters in Bangalore

Why should you apply?

You will be playing a leading role in the growth story of ‘Bare’. Bare sells its products through strategic retail partners and online portal, you will be a part of ramping up B2C sales in emerging markets. Not only will you be working for a business that is completely eco-friendly and sustainable, but you will also be getting a role in a fast-paced environment with exposure in an emerging business.

You will be getting a well-rounded experience in diverse fields like sales, marketing, operations and processes. Your creativity will be exercised while developing innovative case studies and exploring untapped opportunities to maximize the reach of the ideologies of Bare Necessities. These will be hands-on roles and will require you to understand the tech-enabled consumer sector in India.

If Bare Necessities sounds like the kind of company you’d like to be a part of and you think you have something to contribute to the environment and the company, apply now! Email your CV and cover letter to or for a personal introduction, email us at with a link to your own Dysco profile. You can also chat directly with Sahar, the founder of Bare Necessities, to know about the opportunities on Dysco App!