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Ayurganic Wants to Collaborate with Sustainable Brands, Creatives, Publications and Organisations

Ayurganic creates conscious apparel under the supervision of Ayurvedic Scientists in India. Thoughtfully designed clothes, free of toxins, from certified organic cotton, fair trade and made with love – this latest endeavour by Lecoanet Hemant, is a stay-at-home herbal wear collection. They are looking to collaborate with sustainable brands, wellness publications and creative professionals passionate about sustainability. Read on to know more about how you can collaborate with Ayurganic and chat with Hemant Sagar’s team on Dysco to discuss more.

A bit about Ayurganic?

Ayurganic represents a new benchmark in consciously curated apparels with scientific, sustainable and spiritual elements merging with design to form comfortable, breathable and distinctive clothing.

Ayurganic is a mixture of organic and ayurveda, as the name indicates. It is based on a very ancient history of making clothing according to Ayurvedic principles. The garments or Ayurvastra (Ayur and vastra meaning “health” and “cloth” respectively in Sanskrit) have been permeated with special herbs and oils, making it free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants. Wearing these garments helps restore balance within the body and strengthens the immune system.

What Ayurganic is looking for?

To collaborate with the most progressive organizations that are aligned with a similar cause to identify if there is an opportunity to initiate similar proactive measures to improve health and wellness.

Who should approach Ayurganic?

Anyone who shares their ethos – ayurvedic, organic, sustainable and all natural. You could be a:

  • Sustainable brands or organizations
  • Lifestyle and wellness publications
  • Media publications, journals or blogs
  • Artists, designers, bloggers, photographers and other creatives
  • Anyone looking to collaborate and create interesting campaigns and content around the values of sustainability

Why collaborate with Ayurganic?

Ayurganic is the spiritual child of Hemant Lecoanet. Anyone collaborating with them will be:

  • Getting exposure with the organic line of an already well-established brand
  • Working and networking with prevailing designers and fashion influencers
  • Getting insight into the inner workings of Ayurganic and working to create something fresh, sustainable and unique
  • Working closely and gaining knowledge about Ayurvedic and organic practices of making apparel
  • Learning more about sustainable fashion and it’s practical application
  • Stepping away from the usual standard approach of the fashion industry to work together to create something new

What are Ayurganic’s aspirations?

Ayurganic is looking for a common world in which wellness will be the priority. They want to:

  • Get recognized on a bigger scale with more connectivity to the ‘thinking community’
  • Doing good for humanity, protecting both the body and environment
  • Creating a brand that will help people gain the rhythm and create inner balance with beauty
  • To look beyond commerce when working to creating comfort for people
  • To get Ayurganic to the right people at reasonable prices
  • To provide sheer luxury at an affordable price

Are you connecting with Ayurganic’s vibe? Collaborate now! Message them on Instagram or connect with Hemant Sagar, the co-founder via Dysco, you can also find the links to their social media platforms there!