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Attend ‘My Intergalactic Heart’ an Interactive Exhibit of Happiness, in Bangalore – Archived

18th November, 2017

‘My Intergalactic heart’ is an exhibit of Vijaya Aswani’s drawings, the launch of her 2018 calendar & online shop but much more. Wanting to make people a huge part of her he(art), she’s welcoming people to her exhibition to perform their art around the theme ‘Happy’, including poetry, photography, singing and more. You can pick up a copy of her cute AF 2018 calendar, or purchase some Art Prints at the Cuckoo Hostel, Bangalore today & tomorrow after 7PM. Not a Bangalorean? We gotchu! Find her work online here. Those interested in the event can register and find more information here. A full list of the performers, and their exhibits are listed below, you can reach out to them on Dysco to know more about their work and to collaborate with them!

Spreefirit is the brain child of Vijaya Aswani, an illustrator hailing from the hot dessert of dreams, she calls Muscat. She has been illustrating for a few years now, spending hours with her little sketchbook. It was only 3 months ago, that she felt the need to create something larger than life. She got to work by starting with a wall mural and went on to organise a hugely successful project called #everypersoninbangalorecity, a campaign where people shared their stories while their she captured their essence in a quirky sketch. The campaign was really well received, no matter how tiny the canvas was, it made people feel big. While searching for something larger than life, she learnt that often the smallest attempt to make someone’s day – even a little anecdote or a motivating love note, made the biggest difference and left a meaningful impact.

Hit Vijaya up on Dysco for a customised portrait for you or a friend, your own illustrated wedding card, or to discuss her new idea for a children’s book!

My Intergalactic Heart Performers

Deepthi Bhaskar: In short Deepthi is a performance artiste. A trained Carnatic classical singer, theatre practitioner, performer, playback actor, musician and theatre director. Deepthi is highly accomplished at most interactive art forms. She takes time out of her crazy busy schedule to take classical music classes on request, chat with Deepthi on Dysco to set one up!

Krishnakshi Goswami:Krishnakshi is a contemporary dancer who specialises in the art of movement. A strong believer in the phrase, everybody can dance but with one difference – she believes everybody can move and is on a mission to prove her belief.

Marvin Diaz: Marvin started young at a very diverse set of jobs, something that he believes allowed him to make a lot of mistakes but learn from them early in life. His efforts towards channelling his experience into various initiatives had him helming an advisory body for the United Nations at the age of 20. He penned down his charming humour & ardent interest for aerospace, Marvin began writing professionally in school & continues to blog about his travels even today. An aerospace engineer by profession, Marvin’s day job is being a well-structured-process-loving project manager. Having studied music for almost 14 years and performing at numerous venues, he consider this to be a very integral part of his life. This touches the tip of the ice berg. He’s hosting & playing at ‘My intergalactic Heart’ tonight! Hit Marvin  up on Dysco for a chat (or a rap)

GrapeGuitarBox: If self-doubt is holding you back, let Teenasai Balamu be the inspiration you need. From working as a copywriter to being a solo musician, Balamu also known as GrapeGuitarBox, has seen a nationwide recognition in India in just a matter of months. In fact, Rolling Stones India has already included her as one of the 10 budding women artists to watch out for this 2016.

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