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Arugula&Co. is looking to hire a full-time Head Chef in Mumbai

About 95% of diets fail because they are not built for long term success. Making changes in increments are proven to have lasting lifestyle improvements, Arugula&Co. is crafted by a nutrition expert and wellness aficionado, with a mission to help people get healthy. They are hiring a Head Chef on a long term full-time basis in Mumbai.

About Arugula&Co.

Arugula&Co. are a young, delicious, sustainable brand that hopes to help people become healthier. Their range of products consists of salad dressings in six flavours, using ingredients such as homemade mustard, organic soy sauce made by a Japanese community living in Allahabad, and chili flakes from the hills of Uttarakhand.

About the position

The role of Head Chef is not suited for everyone, they are looking to hire someone who will join the team as a long term plan. This person would also have to be involved in health and wellness in some way for it to be the right fit. As part of the first year at Arugula&Co. you will be training under various chefs, creating recipes, reading books, and scouring the Internet for a way to better yourself.

Key responsibilities:

  • Be a lead role in expanding the range of products and with their recipe development.
  • The Head Chef will be responsible for ensuring consistency of product,
  • Tweaking recipes based on better ingredients
  • Interacting with clients at events.
  • Their values are sustainability, scratch cooking, no chemicals, health, and of course, deliciousness.
  • An important part of this job is thus, being computer and English literate.

Soft skills you should have:

  • Growth mindset: Someone who wants to grow and learn with the team. Keep growing, solving, inventing.
  • Passionate about health: If health has always been part of your agenda, they might just be the right fit for you. 
  • Stagnant is not an option: Arugula&Co. believes you need to learn every single day of your life. 
  • Long-term vision: As a startup, higher risks come with higher rewards. They are looking for someone who believes in their mission and purpose and is ready to commit their next five years with them. Their plans are significant, and high attrition rates will only slow them down. 
  • Travel: Perhaps not immediately, but hopefully soon. They will expect you to travel to farms and interact with farmers. It’s a large part of what they are building. One can’t provide soul food without understanding the soil. 
  • Creativity: Do you find yourself as a slight misfit? As someone who’s a bit eccentric, a bit crazier than your peers? Arugula&Co. is looking for creative, crazy, eccentrics. Find them if this sounds familiar to you. 

How to apply? 

If this sounds like you and you are interested in working with their team, email us at info@dyscoapp.com with your CV and a brief description stating why you want to join them.