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Aditi Mody, a Film Writer and Director is Looking to Hire a Sound Mixer-Recorder for a Year-Long Documentary

Aditi Mody is looking to hire a sound mixer-recorder for a year-long documentary project, which is to be shot in South Mumbai. If you’re someone who’s looking to work with a young team of driven film enthusiasts, this might be just the kind of opportunity you’ve been looking for! You can connect with Aditi directly via Dysco.

About Aditi Mody and her work?

Aditi Mody is a film writer, director and a graduate student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Aditi is interested in the stories of the people that inhibit her city, capturing the life that surrounds it. She also has a strong focus on documentary style content whether it’s fictional or hybrid, and wishes to push bounds of filmmaking in India by showcasing it in a light that it’s not usually seen in. She has worked on several commercials, aired on national television and has directed and written festival award-winning films in Canada and USA.

Who’s she looking for?

Aditi is looking for a sound mixer-recorder for a year-long documentary feature project which is to be shot in South Mumbai. The ideal professional will:

  • Have good instinct regarding which subject to follow
  •  Be open to learning
  • Have an understanding of the mixer they are working with
  • Be hungry to learn by performing

Why is this a cool opportunity?

  • The project has the prospects of being distributed by Netflix Asia
  • Sound quality will be a crucial part of the project
  • Your creative input for production sound will be welcomed and encouraged
  • You’ll be working with a small, intimate and extremely passionate crew while being around young boisterous girls of an all-girls high school

What’s the Job Profile?

Aditi is looking for a mixer and a sound recorder who is:

  • Comfortable working with aforementioned sound mixer and recorder
  • Able to mix while booming in both moving and static situations
  • Comfortable mixing on Zoom F8 multi-track field recorder
  • Comfortable with moving documentary, on the fly style
  • Able to create brief reports for the shooting days

Location? Mumbai

If you are a young sound mixer-recorder who’s passionate about film and can’t wait to get a hands-on experience, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Message Aditi on her Dysco Profile  now to know more about the project. You can also email us at for a personal introduction.