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Try Savsani Asanas on International Yoga Day – Sheena Patel’s Dysco Diary

A nationally ranked pentathlon champion, Sheena Patel began to realize the influence yoga and meditation had on her athletic abilities from a young age. Although she turned down a full-athletic scholarship at a Division One university to pursue her interest in Technology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Sheena soon realized there was a great need for preventive work-life balance in corporate settings. For over a decade Sheena has been running a company called Savsani known for creating the healthiest corporations, the fittest professional athletes and most zen residents on this planet using the mastery of mind, body and food to make you Simply Whole. Sheena has become synonymous with leading institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts Institution of Technology for her inspired guidance and undisputed expertise. 

Firstly, we want to wish the Dysco Family a very Happy International Yoga Day! The reason why I joined the Dysco Family was to tap into a network of creative individuals in India. In the States, I’m limited to the amount of creative resources and creative people I can collaborate with. With Dysco, I am able to find the right fit for the right project. For example, I was looking for someone to help me rebrand and redesign my website, and the first place I searched on was the Dysco App. This Dysco Diary takes asanas that you may know of up a notch. We have taken traditional asanas and added a slight variation to each to allow for the infusion of strength and balance; helpful for those who sit or travel a lot for work. At Savsani we have designed the best sequence of asanas one can practice first thing in the morning to get more laser-like focus throughout the rest of your day. Practice these poses everyday and you will be sure to feel lighter and more mobile, as aches and pains will be a sign of the past.

Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Benefits: reduces stress and anxiety, promotes inner peace, stretches the knees, unlocks tension in the hips, develop inner ability to focus, builds concentration, lowers blood pressure.


  1. In the first minute, steady your position until there is limited to no movement within the physical body, physical steadiness allows for internal steadiness.
  2. In the second minute, allow yourself to become aware of the natural flow of your breath without placing any pressure upon it, notice the stillness between the inhalation and exhalation known as the resting point or in sanskrit the kumbhaka.
  3. Eventually during this kumbhaka you can reflect upon Swaminarayan Bhagwan.
  4. In the third minute, take three deep breaths, inhaling as deeply as possible through the nose and exhaling as deeply as possible through the nose.

Bhujang-Asana (Cobra Pose)

Benefits: stretches shoulders, decreases stiffness in lower back, elevates mood, soothes sciatica, improvement of circulation.


  1. In the first minute, lay down on your stomach, place your palms directly underneath your shoulder blades and the chin at the centre of your mat.
  2. In the second minute, use the upper back muscles to lift the back off the floor, then prop up on the elbows staying in this position for three deep breaths you can interlace your fingers in front for more support.
  3. In the third minute, slowly lower yourself down back on your stomach with your arms by your sides rest your right cheek on the floor and take three deep breaths as you relax.
 Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Benefits: deepens connection with bhumi, improves overall posture, increases power and mobility in the legs, reduces flat feet, removes negative feelings.


  1. In the first minute, stand tall with your feet flat and arms by your sides, keep the shoulders and the arms relaxed, while keeping the chest cavity open and the tail bone tucked in.
  2. In the second minute, extend the arms above reaching up for the sky and lengthening the spinal cord take three deep breaths
  3. In the third minute, keeping the arms up above slowly rise up on your toes again take three deep breaths.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Benefits: cures headaches, reduces sleep apnea and insomnia, improves overall confidence, strengthens the arms and legs.


  1. In the first minute, slowly sit as if you were about to sit down in a chair.
  2. In the second minute, cup the palms together as an offering to Bhagwan Swaminarayan feel the power.
  3. In the third minute, hold the position while taking three deep breaths.

Vikshasana (Tree Pose)

Benefits: invokes a state of rejuvenation and invigoration, brings equilibrium of mind, promotes balance throughout body, creates internal steadiness.


  1. In the first minute, bring your eyes to a point of focus two feet in front of you, hold your gaze at that point throughout the asana.
  2. In the second minute, assist your right foot towards your inner thigh you can hold it there or you can slowly extend your left hand up on the air.
  3. In the third minute, switch sides keeping your breathing slow and relaxed throughout the posture.
Savasana (Corpose Pose)

Benefits: feel awake, refreshed and relaxed, improves digestion, lowers cortisol in your stomach reducing fat from that area, removes fatigue and lethargy, relaxes the body completely, promotes overall cell rejuvenation.


  1. In the first minute, lay down on your back if your lower back feels tight, you can bend the knees throughout the position and keep your feet flat to the ground.
  2. In the second minute, widen the width between your legs giving you a gentle stretch and reach your arms over head giving length to the spine.
  3. In the third minute, bring the arms by your sides one foot away from your torso and your legs closer together about two feet apart, take a deep breath through the nose and exhale through the open mouth with the tongue out creating a ‘ha’ sound, you can practice this three times.

Final Relaxation

Finally just give your self a couple minutes in the laying position to relax and bring awareness to the point in between your eyebrows manifest peace and calm. When you are ready slowly come up to a seated position and place awareness to your surroundings by slowly opening your eyes.

Looking to collaborate or learn more about Sheena and Savsani? Contact Sheena on Dysco App to collaborate or work together and check out her website for more information.