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Build Knowledge, Not Walls – Raachyeta and Satyajit’s Dysco Diary

The Open Library Project started out as a wishful dream, visualized and realized by Raachyeta Sharma and Satyajit Roy. The Open Library Project offers a variety of books and works on a sustainable ecosystem of making sure that every book that is donated gets to inspire as many readers as possible. They are always open to collaboration and welcome book donations. Connect with Raachyeta and Satyajit directly via Dysco now!


Raachyeta Sharma:

Banker to Books! That’s what my journey has been all about. Born in the city of seven islands- Mumbai, where everything is a race to the end and everyone is busy making money, I too, undoubtedly joined the race and bagged a few degrees for myself. A Masters in Commerce and an MBA in Marketing which successfully got me a placement in the Banking Sector.

I worked with a PSU Bank for 5 years as a Product Manager for the NRI Division and Wealth Management Products. Some of the highlights of my stint included the creation of an NRI Division for the Bank and successful execution of The Pravasi Bhartiya Divas, 2015, an event held every year by Ministry of Finance for the NRI community and Indian diaspora, inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India.

Having worked for 5 years in the Banking Sector, I gained a lot of valuable experience but always found myself looking for something more fulfilling. A philosophy I strongly agree to is- “You don’t need a vacation, if you love what you do!” If you have to wake up in the morning and push yourself to go to work you’re probably heading downhill.

Caving into this fact, I decided to switch industries and do something which helps my personal development too. I’ve always been an avid reader and found an escape from reality in books. During my sabbatical, I read a lot of books on business, self-help, marketing and psychology which helped me gain more clarity on what I want to do.

One of my favourite take-away was by Jeff Bezos, where he says, “One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you. Rightly so, I found myself talking to Satyajit Roy about our love for reading and his innate ability to apply this knowledge to his business and life in general.

Satyajit Roy:

The Open Library Project was founded out of my EGK Foods office. It started as an endeavour to share the non-fiction books that I acquired during my startup journey, with anyone who may be interested in reading and gaining insights from these books, especially those from the entrepreneurial-ecosystem.

EGK Foods is a Startup India recognized food processing concern. We are addressing the significant onion wastage problem that exists in India currently by working directly with farmers and adopting sustainable and environment friendly food processing practices. Early on, due to unforeseen circumstances, I dropped out of college and started my journey as an entrepreneur. Also having dealt with multiple failed start-ups, I have always valued learning in all its forms. I believe, very strongly, that ‘One must never drop out of Learning!’

My journey at EGK Foods as a founder, entrepreneur and leader has been complemented by the books I read, videos I watched, podcasts I listened to and people I followed. A couple of months into setting up The Open Library Project, I met Raachyeta Sharma. We soon got to talking on how we could challenge the existing library concept, and how we could have an updated 21st century library that appeals to everyone. From this, The Open Library Project evolved into the form it’s taken now.

The Open Library Project:

From the era of papyrus to the modern-day kindle, knowledge has transpired in more ways than one. A library, by definition, is a collection of information, and living by this fundamental the Open Library strives to use current-day mediums to extend this knowledge to the ecosystem.

Build Knowledge not Walls!

At grass root level, we go by the principle, Build Knowledge not Walls, referring to the fact that Knowledge is not confined to four walls and thus the Library is not bound by geographical constraints. To realise this vision, we have collaborated with Corporates, Co-working Spaces and Incubators, namely; Ministry of New, 91 Springboard, Vorq Space, The A, Venture Catalysts, Hey DeeDee, providing them a platform for interaction, growth and erudition by setting up rotational libraries at their space.

Our main aim is to make knowledge accessible to all, invite authors for readings, organize curated events/workshops and become an interactive library for all book-lovers, who can share, review, interact and grow through the library. Margaret Fuller quoted, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candle in it”. At the Open Library Project, we are constantly working towards extending knowledge, accelerating growth and providing avenues to expand networks. A knowledge building community aiming to provide industry-specific curated experiences to its members.

Interestingly, we attended the Dysco event held at Ministry of New, only to realise that our visions align in more ways than one and much like us, Dysco is also designed to find creative people and connect them to the right opportunities and right audiences. We also happened to connect with Anjali Mody at the said event and curated a design centric library at her store, And So, in Goa.

The Open Library Project is looking for collaborations with Corporates and Curators! Any book lovers looking to donate their books can connect with Raachyeta and Satyajit them by messaging on their Dysco Profile or email us at for a personal introduction.