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Vocation Redefined presented by Dysco X Ministry of New

Dysco & Ministry of New are hosting 'Vocation Redefined', on 11th March, 2018 in Mumbai. The event is intended to be an all day interactive and experiential gathering including talks, workshops, installations and displays.

Can we reinvent vocations to enable a life of sustainable freedom? As the workplace continues to evolve, how do we transform traditional notions of work into sustainable and fulfilling experiences?

Vocation Redefined is a gathering of pioneers, who are exploring, experiencing and exhibiting their journey of professional discovery. These are individuals who are discovering their passions, pursuing unconventional careers, and redefining the meaning of work-life balance. The event is for anyone fascinated by those who have made a life out of travel, nomads who have mastered the art of working remotely and digitally, people who have combined their passions and interests into novel and unusual careers, and the ones who have found a way to make their work nourish their hearts and souls.

Dysco & Ministry of New believe strongly in the power of community – both online and offline. We’ve come together to offer a common platform for innovators and creators to share their stories and display their work in the form of immersive experiences. Those who attend the event can expect intimate storytelling sessions, hands-on workshops, engaging displays and interactive exhibits.

Event Participants

Aditi Malik, Storytelling
Director of Conscious Food, Mumbai
Aditi is the Director of India’s most trusted organic & natural foods company, with a background in finance and technology in India and New York. She believes in promoting indigenous varieties and following sustainable practices wherever possible.

Rewant Lokesh, Storytelling & Brand Stall
The Burlap People, Kolkata
Creators of high quality eco-friendly bags for earthy souls, with a focus on sustainable production and handmade designs.

Bhushan Bagadia & Karan Mehta, Storytelling & Screening
Underwater Photographer & Filmmaker and Co-Founder of  Simply Breathe, Bangalore
Simply Breathe offers mindful experiences both below and above the horizon, including yoga, mindfulness and sustainable diving activities in Maldives, Andaman and beyond.

Viraj Mithani, Installation & Storytelling
Interdisciplinary Contemporary Artist, Mumbai
Viraj is a contemporary artist whose work explores the combination of traditional and modern art mediums while expressing cultural elements and philosophies.

Chirag Sadhnani, Storytelling & Display
Travel Photographer & Filmmaker, Mumbai
An adventure and lifestyle photographer and videographer, who focuses on capturing experiences for people and brands. He’s worked with companies like Aquaterra Adventures, Discover India and Conde Nast Traveller.

Clove The Store, Brand Stall
Founded by Entrepreneur & Restaurateur Samyukta Nair, Mumbai
Imagined as a home, Clove offers Samyukta’s favourites across fashion, design and craft from India. Classic and eclectic, it appeals to a diverse set – the local, the gifter, the traveler, the collector.

Gauri Devidayal, Storytelling
Founder & Owner of The Table & Magazine St Kitchen, Mumbai
Much acclaimed restaurants bringing high quality foods and casual fine dining to the city, while experimenting and paying tribute to excellent produce.

Mukul Bhatia, Storytelling & Installation
Documentary Photographer at Nomadic Origins
An internationally published and exhibited photographer whose work lies in between documentary and fine art. His project ORIGINS is a visual anthropology of modern nomads.

Tara Khandelwal, Workshop
Founder & Writer, BOUND, Mumbai
Founded by an editor and journalist, Bound organises transformative workshops, residential programs and retreats for writer and entrepreneurs. Tara’s a profilic writer for leading publications across the country.

Raffael Kably, Storytelling
Partner at Soul & Surf, Kerela & Sri Lanka
Soul & Surf organises retreats and activities focusing on Surfing, Yoga & Massage, while growing sustainably and giving back to the communities around them.

Shilpika Gautam, Storytelling
Adventurer & World Record Breaker, Delhi
Shilpika is a world record breaking adventurer, who led team GangesSUP to the first ever stand up paddle boarded descent of the river Ganga in India, source to sea. She’s also an ambassador for Water Aid, an internationally published writer and public speaker.

Sienna Store, Brand Stall
Sustainable Lifestyle Store & Cafe, Kolkata
Founded by Shuli Ghosh, Sienna is a zero-waste friendly, handmade crafts, textile and lifestyle product store along with being a cafe that serves homemade and healthy food.

Yash Rane, Storytelling & Display
Traveller, Photographer and GoPro Advocate
Yash is known by his handle @ChefYash for his unique perspective, breathtaking shots and adventurous escapades, coveted by multiple brands and influencers.

Sahar Mansoor, Workshop, Trash Talk & Brand Stall
Founder of Bare Necessities, Bangalore
Bare necessities is a zero waste personal care and home care brand and is also a hub for awareness on waste free living.

Sheena Dabholkar, Storytelling
Founder & Editor, Lover, Pune
Lover is an independent India-centric online publication and boutique studio creating visual and editorial content for brands. Creative Director and Founder of Lover, Sheena, is also a freelance journalist, photographer and stylist featured in leading publications.

Ayurganic, Brand Stall
Sustainable Fashion Line, New Delhi
Genes – Lecoanet Hemant is a new Pret-a-Porter Collection introduced exclusively online in India in 2015. Ayurganic, by Hemant Sagar is the new wellness line is a stay-at-home collection and is produced by Lecoanet Hemant exclusively using GOTS certified cotton that is hand treated procedure following century old Ayurveda recipes.

Anjali Mody, Storytelling & Interactive Session
Founder of Josmo and Skarma, Mumbai & Goa
Josmo is a venture specialising in curated home decor and design, while Skarma is a creative communications agency focused on building communities around ideas.

Organza, Food Stall
Vegan Food Brand, Mumbai
Organza is an all organic, gluten free, vegan food brand that creates healthy yet delicious recipes staying true to its ingredients. It’s founded by Asmita Deshmukh, a Health Coach who assists clients with lifestyle management.

Suhavini Singh, Storytelling
Founder at India Cultural Hub, New Delhi
A digital platform celebrating India’s culture, ethics and beauty. They’ve made discovering the abundant culture and rich traditions of India accessible to everyone.

Siddharth Somaiya, Installation
Fine Artist, Mumbai
Siddharth is a fine artist, installation artist, designer and entrepreneur with experience in industrial design, shoemaking, ceramics and more. His work has been exhibited KalaGhoda Arts Festival, Make In India & the Annual ArtBash Extravaganza.

Daria Gai & Dheer Momaya, Storytelling & Screening
Director & Producer at Jugaad Productions, Mumbai
Jugaad Motion Pictures produces feature films, advertisements, and documentaries, with a deep focus in making feature-narrative films.

Sarvangi Shah & Kavita Mukhi, Brand Storytelling
CMO & Eco-Nutritionist at Mandala, Mumbai
Sarvangi heads the marketing and revenue generating efforts at Mandala, while Kavita brings a wealth of experience pioneering organic awareness amongst communities, to the Mandala Kitchen.

Pampelmousse, Food Stall
Cake Studio, Mumbai
Run by Siddhi Shetty, Pamplemousse is a cake studio whose handcrafted works of edible art designs are inspired by travel, architecture and haute couture.

Our Sponsors & Partners

SoundsLikeBurlap, Music Session
Ronit Sarkar aka Awkward Bong and Munna will be performing live under the #SoundsLikeBurlap Banner, which is a music franchise of TBP that promotes independent artists who share their artistic sensibility and eco-friendly ideologies.

Conscious Food, Food Partner
India’s most trusted organic & natural foods company. In maintaining an ethical supply chain, they only source responsibly grown produce, promote indigenous varieties and follow sustainable practices wherever possible.

Mandala Life, Food Partner
Mandala life is healthy food delivery kitchen with eateries across Mumbai. The ingredients used by them are farmed ecologically and organically, using sustainable farm practices to ensure the nutritional value is retained.

Thirsty Beer, Beverage Sponsor
Great Indian beer at a reasonable price. Thirsty’s Happy beer cans capture the true european essence and taste, in emoji-yellow cans. Newly launched in India, it’s quickly becoming a favourite amongst beer lovers.

Grover – Zampa Wines, Beverage Sponsor
Grover Zampa Vineyards boasts the most impressive pedigree in the Indian wine industry today, including several award-winning wines. It is backed by respected veterans of branding, marketing and distribution from the alco-bev industry.

Mumbai Instagrammers, Social Media Outreach Partner
Mumbai IGers is an online and offline community of photographers and photo-enthusiasts, that organise Instameet groups, PhotoWalks, Features, Contests, and Workshops.

Paper Planes, Offline Partner
Paper Planes is an independent magazine subscription service aimed at introducing the best indie magazine titles from across the world to Indian readers.

Lover, Digital Partner
LOVER is an India-centric online lifestyle publication focused on sustainability and the visual arts.

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