Events / by Dysco / Mar 2, 2019
Beta & Beyond: What’s between an idea and the big launch?

Beta & Beyond is intended to be an informal and intimate gathering, including a few short anecdotal talks, group discussions, a show and tell area, some brainstorming boards and open networking as well. We want you to walk away with inspiration, ideas and a community of people you can turn to for feedback, advice, and support along your professional journey.

Beta & Beyond: What’s between an idea and the big launch?

You often hear about the great ideas that people have and what they hope to achieve. There are plenty of discussions about successful startups and their exponential growth. But what about the less glamorous phase between coming up with a great idea and getting it to market? The phase that’s filled with uncertainty, ensuring validity and trial + error?

We want to talk about the characteristic roadblocks, iterations, pivots and panic that’s associated with this phase of both creative and entrepreneurial ventures. Come and share your experiences, tell others about the challenges you’ve faced, offer unique solutions, show us your work in progress, and discover a community of others who are in the same beta boat as you.

Who should attend?

It doesn’t matter what your profession or industry is, as long as this topic resonates with you. You could be a founder building a tech product; a designer setting up your own agency; a filmmaker getting funding for a project; an entrepreneur setting up a small business; or a journalist creating a print publication. If you’re interested in knowing or sharing more about ideating, creating, innovating, pivoting, and launching, then this is the right space for you.

How can you participate?

This event is now at capacity and the guest list is closed. 

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