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The Dysco Round Table

A round table conference sounds intimidating and quite official, but a Dysco Round Table is quite different from any other. It was an evening filled with enlightening conversations and wine. While our city is huge, our social circles tend to be small. We’ve taken Dysco offline, in the form of intimate, carefully curated round table events. We handpicked 8 talented attendees to participate and converse with a dynamic group of professionals. We made sure that each of our guests leave with new professional connections and plenty of inspiration.

The topic of discussion for the round table evening was one that has impacted each of our careers dramatically in the recent past, ‘What does digital mean to you, and how has it transformed your profession and your industry?’. We had perspectives and participation from a musician, content writers, a technologist, a restaurateur, a brand strategist, entrepreneurs, PR agents, an interior designer, a social media expert and digital marketers. Throughout  the evening, the conversation was as sparkling as the wine and flowed just as easily.

As the evening progressed, more and more interesting opinions emerged. Sid Bhansali, the founder of Noesis Tech, put forth the profound and often hazardous social impact of technology, scandalising our audience by telling the story of the infamous Blue Whale Game. Interior design and fashion styling are both professions that traditionally rely on human interaction and physical presence. Shonali Mahajan of Discern Living, and Juilee Bhansali, a brand strategist for a fashion start-up, spoke of how digital has disrupted these industries and careers by using the platform model to streamline processes andcut out the middleman.

However, Siddharth Shirodkar, of Paraphoniks & Ape Machines, had a different perspective and explored the advantage of digital in democratising accessto and production of music, while ensuring artists earn fairly for their work. Being served pizza by virtual Italian waiters andwaitresses, while sitting in your bedroom in Mumbai, was a picture painted for us by Mikhel Rajani of Francesco’s Pizzeria & Mandala. He fantasised about the potential of Virtual Reality in the food industry, a vision we lingered on for a bit longer than planned. Needless to say, the conversation was impassioned and the evening ended too quickly.

The aftermath of the event is still tangible, there are a few conversations and collaborations brewing amongst the newest members of the Dysco community. It was an extremely enriching and captivating evening at Dysco and we loved having such diverse and talented group of individuals come together at the Round Table. If you’d like a seat at the next Dysco Round Table or know someone who’d love to come, email us at The full list of attendees is listed below. You can message them on Dysco to chat directly!

  • Mikhel Rajani
  • Manaal Oomerbhoy
  • Juilee Bhansali
  • Aatish Nath
  • Shonali Mahajan
  • Devika Pathak
  • Siddhant Shirodkar
  • Gauri Kitchlu Nayar
  • Reyna Jagtiani

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