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Why can’t I comment on posts?

If you’ve been scrolling through your Inspire Feed, you probably noticed that you can like a post or share it, but you can’t comment on it. Why is that? We believe that the most productive conversations on a professional networking platform happen in private chats. These would probably be conversations about deciding to work with someone, collaborate with them, ask for them to create something for you, or use their services.

Everyone likes their work to be recognised by others. Dysco has created various ways for you to show your support and encouragement. Most obviously, you can just tap the heart icon and like the post! If you want all your followers to see it too, you can click the share icon and then ‘Repost on Dysco’. This won’t be visible on your personal feed on your profile, but will be broadcast to your followers. Instead of commenting on a post, you can message the user directly on chat and tell them what you think. You can also share posts with other users you’re following, again via Dysco’s chat.

Being a dedicated professional network, we hope to avoid spam, negativity, and anything that would detract from the primary purpose of Dysco. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to make conversations and communications more effective and useful, write to us at info@dyscoapp.com and let us know!

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