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What’s new in your Dysco toolbox?

We’ve built Dysco for all sorts of professionals, creative and non-creative. We want you to be able to share your work, build your professional identity and express your talent in whatever way you need.

As such we’re always looking for ways to make your Dysco experience more valuable and effortless. If you’re a photographer you’re probably would want to crop and edit your beautiful images on Dysco. As a writer you might want more tools to share written work and articles. Different professionals require different tools to showcase their work best, and we’re working on building these out to best suit you.

Currently the platform allows you to share all links, images and videos. So videographers can upload YouTube videos, musicians can share Soundcloud clips, and journalists can post Medium articles. If you desperately want some specific tools that suit your profession or others in your industry, tell us and we can consider it as something to build out if there’s enough demand!

Collaborations and connections are the way to Dysco. Letting people know who you work with, what your team is like, and that you have reliable connections, is a great way of establishing yourself professionally. To help make this easier, we’re incorporating a tagging feature on Dysco soon. Tagging identifies another user in your post; not only does that help authenticate your work but it also makes it easier for people to find other people to work with.

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