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Pseudo-Hiatus Alert! We’re building out the full version of Dysco

We’re taking a sort of hiatus. Here’s an update where we are, where we’re headed and what’s changing soon. We’re building new ways for you to partner and collaborate with us, so you can get more visibility and connections through our platform and community. You can continue using Dysco App, but we won’t be pushing more updates to it. More details below.

From the beginning till now
As you know, we began building Dysco because we saw a need for a more efficient and effective way to network professionally. To help you advertise job opportunities, make it easier to find agencies and partners to collaborate with, and to facilitate likeminded community building.

We started with one product (the app) which slowly expanded into a range of services – publishing curated content, hosting networking events, community building initiatives, consultancy services and more. The intention was for us to test our ideas and theories, and see how valid they are. To correct our assumptions, and fine tune our offerings to give you the most value possible. This part of the process was incredibly important, informative and complicated (not to mention, a whole lot of fun!) It provided us with really valuable data, insights and feedback to understand what you really want from us and from the platform.

We’ve been learning and improving
Building great technology and a vibrant community takes time, effort and resources. We had to prioritise which bugs to fix and which features to build by really understanding what was most important to our users, while still validating our ideas and concepts. Because the value of Dysco grows as our community grows, we had to find ways to help our users and members despite being a young platform – by convincing people of the longer term value proposition.

So what’s changing? What happens next?
However, we’ve got great news to share – thanks to your participation, the response we’ve received and mapping out our learnings, we’ve finally begun building the full and complete version of Dysco. We’re integrating all our verticals and consolidating it all into one seamless platform. Over the next few months we might seem a bit quiet, but that’s because we’re busy putting these pieces together and planning a full rollout of what you’ve been asking for.

We won’t be pushing out any more updates to the existing app, but you can use it just as you have been. We will continue to share content, host some smaller events and cater to your individual requests (bandwidth permitting).

How can you be a part of what’s coming?
If you’re interested in being one of our early adopters, members or partners to experience the new platform and get exclusive access to features, just email us on info@dyscoapp.com and we can share more information. We’ve got engagement and partnership opportunities for:

  • Brands & organisations who want to tap into Dysco’s audience and community
  • Agencies, consultants and freelancers who want to get more business and market their services
  • Content creators who want to share their work, collaborate with others and get their talent discovered

To those of you who have believed in our ideas and seen Dysco for what it has the potential to become, we want to say a really big thank you. We truly appreciate your patience and support, we’re really excited for our next phase and hope you are too.