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Are you on the List? You Can Now Discover Dysco’s Curated Community Online

Wait, what do you mean Listed? 

We’re introducing Listed Profiles, and that should get you really excited. A large part of why we grew and why we’re growing is because of the talented people, companies and brands that have become a part of the Dysco community. You know how they say ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’? Apparently, it’s true! And we can now boast about the high quality of work that’s shared on our platform.

What we believe is special about Dysco, is our curated community – people whose work is just amazing, brands who have built an exceptional identity and companies that do incredible work. While Dysco is open for everyone, we have a way of rewarding those whose work we love.

If we think your work is great, we add you to the List. People, brands and companies who have Listed Profiles on Dysco are trusted by those who trust Dysco, opening up a whole new world of opportunities. Listed users get access to and are invited for special events, jobs, collaborations and campaigns. They also have greater discoverability and can avail of special features on our app.

Listed Individuals & Brands and Businesses

People who are great at their work deserve to stand out amongst others. We love discovering inspiring entrepreneurs, talented artists, innovative influencers, skilled coders, helpful mentors, efficient freelancers and others. We’ve taken a disorganised sector, and we’re filtering the best from the mess.

How do you choose the right agency to create your next marketing campaign? Or the best studio to revamp your website? Or the best event planners for your next big do? With so many options out there, it’s tough to distinguish high quality from all the noise. If they create good content, offer seriously professional service, and treat their customers and employees really well, we  put them on the List!

What are the benefits of being Listed on Dysco?

We reward our Listed users for putting in hard work, having complete profiles and interacting regularly with others on the platform. Listed users get some pretty cool perks, apart from being able to shine a fancy badge around.

  • Listed profiles are more discoverable
  • Listed profiles can post their requirements and opportunities on Industry feeds for everyone to see
  • They will be invited and contacted by Dysco for exclusive campaigns, events, and interesting opportunities.
  • They’re will be recommended first, to those who hire Dysco for personalised consultancy services.

How do I get Listed on Dysco?

There are no strict rules about how to get Listed, it depends on various factors. The people we List are often those we’ve worked with offline or in some capacity, so we know the quality and style of their work. It doesn’t mean we’ve done a background check or verified them in any other way, it simply means we think that that users’ work is awesome.

If you’re wondering how to get Listed, here’s a few tips. Constantly interact with users on the platform, upload great content and complete your profile and keep it up to date with your latest work, keep adding to your collaboration list all the people you have worked with, expand your network by sharing opportunities and connecting with users on Dysco chat. You can also contact us if you’d like your work reviewed and would like to be placed on the Waiting List.

*Listed status is valid for 6 months at a time. After 6 months from the day of Listing, profiles are reviewed and Listed status is renewed if the user is deemed as an active and valuable contributing member of the Dysco community. For more information, please contact us on info@dyscoapp.com.

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