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How do I get featured on Dysco?

If you’re wondering how to get featured on The Dysco Blurb or Dysco’s social media channels, here are some tips and guidance:

  1. Create a really great profile and share your awesome work: This might sound obvious, but it’s worth saying. Download the app, create a stellar profile, upload your best work, interact with people on the platform. We scout our users to see who’s making the best use of Dysco, and who’s doing great work, and reach out to them for features.
  2. Collaborate with someone via Dysco: If you hire, work with or collaborate with another Dysco user, tell us about it. We love sharing Dysco success stories, so if the platform has actually helped you, we’re ready to brag about it. Just email us the details and share some pictures to really sell it. If you think it would make for an inspiring story, we probably will too.
  3. Come up with an idea and create content for Dysco: Maybe you have a really interesting concept or an idea that you think would work for Dysco and our audience. Pitch it to us, and if we like it we can collaborate with you and share the amazing work you produce.
  4. Just ask us..! If you’ve done all of the above and are in shock about how you’ve not been featured yet, reach out to us and share your bewilderment. We can take it from there.

You can also recommend others to get featured, so if you know someone on fire that we just have to know about, tell us. You can share all of this on info@dyscoapp.com

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