Dysco | by Khrisha Shah

Elements of Dysco

Why the name Dysco?

Dysco is an abbreviation for ‘discover’. We could have gone with Disco, but we threw in a ‘Y’ for novelty. Dysco is a platform to discover the people in your city, who they are, the work they do, the brands they’ve created, the skills they possess and the knowledge they’ve acquired. It’s a place to find inspiration, from people’s work and content shared by them – videos, images, sound clips and articles. Dysco is also the place for you to be discovered for your work. Anyone looking for your expertise, passion and talent can find you on Dysco; quickly, easily and intuitively. There’s an inexplicable joy in discovery – that’s the essence of Dysco. The excitement of finding something new and interesting; and then the thrill of sharing it with others who would appreciate it. Simply put, it’s fun to Dysco.

What are Dysco’s brand colours? All of them!

Colour is integral to the Dysco brand, and forms an enormous part of our visual identity. We believe that an extensive palette represents the diversity and vibrancy of the talented people around us. No two people are the same, neither are two colours. Combining colours creates even more brilliant shades, as does bringing unique people together to collaborate and create magic. Different colours appeal to different people – and that’s what Dysco is about. Dysco is for everyone– artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, designers, architects, musicians, techies, creatives, writers, speakers, businessmen, trainers and photographers. Dysco is for the kaleidoscope of all talented, passionate people in your city.

What’s that shapeless shape that keeps moving?

The friendly blob, also fondly known as our amoeba. It changes in shape, colour and movement. Despite it’s abstract and dynamic nature, it’s always anchored to the ‘o’ of Dysco. Because you change and grow as people and as professionals. Your talents and skills develop over time, but you still have a place on the Dysco platform. Dysco is inclusive – the blob becomes bigger and smaller. Dysco is not confining or restricting – the blob has no sharp edges or corners. Dysco is forever evolving – our amoeba loves to dance! Dysco loves peculiarity, eccentricity and experimentation. Dysco supports your innovation and your individuality – it’s the place to be you and be praised for it.

That line underneath the ‘o’ of Dysco –what’s it doing there?

Dysco is a platform – symbolised by the line under the ‘o’. Our platform acts as a stage for you to showcase your professional identity and share your portfolio of work. It serves as a social network to interact with friends in your own industry or in other industries. The power of our platform and network is enhanced by the the number, participation and quality of interactions amongst users. Dysco is a place where micro-communities are formed, where you can easily reach out to people and learn from their experiences. The platform’s tools enable you to find talented people in your city, with the precise skills you need – effectively and efficiently. Being a platform allows you to connect, create, co-create and collaborate in any way you want – Dysco users have absolute freedom, control, and flexibility. It’s your Dysco.

Dysco is dynamic and it is fluid. What does that actually mean?

Dysco understands, embraces and responds to change. Elements of the brand are deliberately designed to blur boundaries and constantly evolve. The list of industries that we work is not finite – it expands, merges, and grows with time. There are no distinct boundaries between amateurs and professionals, freelancers and experts.
Dysco isn’t only for creatives, neither is it purely targeted to entrepreneurs. Every business owner can be considered creative, for having created a business. Creatives are inherently entrepreneurial – creating and marketing one’s work requires initiative and communication skills. Belonging to one industry doesn’t mean other industries are irrelevant. Collaboration is key across different professions – they’re symbiotic in nature. With a shared motive of producing great work and greater opportunities, communication across diverse professions and industries is extremely rewarding.
That’s what Dysco strives for – collaboration, conversation and co-creation.