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Dysco V1.0.4 is out. And it’s kind of a big deal to us. See how we’ve evolved!

Download the latest version on the Google Play Store, the App Store or use it on the web!

Our first round of beta testing was invite only, and lasted three months. The second round was open, where we were actually live on the App Store, the Play Store and on the Web, for four months. We were initially quite nervous about testing our assumptions and theories, and letting outsiders review and judge our work. But we came to realise that this was the most we had managed to learn, and the most we had accomplished, since the inception of Dysco. Beta testing gives you honest, raw feedback – data that people pay and struggle to get through hundreds of surveys and research.

It’s been a gruelling 7 months, involving multiple bugs (some a little bugging, some really really bugging), frustrated users, iterations on iterations, panicking team members and a fair amount of dramarama at Dysco.

I have to admit, hearing anyone ask me ‘When’s Dysco launching?‘ made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, because I really couldn’t produce an honest answer, even if just for myself. Now that we’re here, with our big redesign done and our new features ready to release, I’m wondering if this is considered our big bang launch… probably not, because that would imply that everything is perfect, seamless and flawless. And here we are, aware of a few bugs even in our very special version 1.0.4.

I’m going to break it down for you, and take you through the highlights of what’s changed and how we’ve evolved. But before that, for all you perfectionists and eager testers, I’ll tell you what the big bugs are, offer some short term workarounds, and promise that we’re fixing them ASAP!

  • Some likes and shares seem to disappear – but fear not, they haven’t! You just have to quit the app and reopen it to see the latest stats.
  • Dysco on iPhone X is all glitchy – well you lucky thing, while we muster up the funds for one to test on, use our app on the web via www.dyscoapp.com/app
  • I can’t see the messages I’m typing – but we can, and we promise they’re all there. Just tap out of your keyboard and you’ll see your message typed up and ready to send.

Okay now that that’s out of the way, here are the highlights of what we learned and what’s changed on Dysco, in that very long and quiet gap from v1.0.3 to v1.0.4.

Dysco appealed most to creatives. We needed to get more professional. 
We did a deep dive and a full rethink of our brand, our design, and our layout, to appeal to people, businesses, and companies that are non-creative. After all, Dysco is about cross-industry collaboration, discovery and networking. It’s a platform where everyone comes together. What changes did we make? Chose a new font, layout, primary colour scheme, spacing and styling to lend a more modern, professional, entrepreneurial feel. We mean (not-so) serious business.

The layout of user profiles was dispersed and unclear. We made it more integrated and linear.
We needed to make the best use of space and real estate, while keeping in mind people’s attention spans, while they’re browsing Dysco user profiles. We removed the portfolio, about me and feed sections, and integrated it with the rest of the user profile. All the information you need is now accessible in one clean swipe.

Finding people and content wasn’t intuitive enough. So we consolidated all search functionality. 
There are many different ways to ‘discover’ on Dysco. You can browse industries, you can search for a person, you can find content related to a topic. All this amazing functionality was hidden in different nooks and crannies of the app. We pulled it all together, organised it better and gave you the best way to network and discover professionally.

The chat functionality was a bit laggy and dull. We made it faster, more vibrant and more interactive!
Chatting on Dysco is now smoother and engaging. We changed the colours, the background, and made a bunch of performance improvements too. All so that our users can chat and discuss as many collaborations and opportunities as possible.

Uploading content wasn’t effortless. We changed the flow and design to make it simple and quick.
Whether you want to upload an image, take a video, share a Youtube link, post a press release or show off a Soundcloud clip, you can now do this much more easily than before. In the way your thoughts are processed naturally.

Overall, Dysco v1.0.4 is a pretty big upgrade for us and all our users, especially those who have seen the evolution and experienced it first hand along with us! You can expect faster loading on images and pages, cleaner transition between screens, and much better performance across the entire app.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback, so we can continue making the improvements you want. Thank you for staying with us, and continuing to use Dysco to share your work and find new opportunities.

Our new features are dropping over the next few days, watch out for those surprises too!


Team Dysco

Download the latest version on the Google Play Store, the App Store or use it on the web!

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