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WeWork x Graphic Designer Radhika Biyani: A Dysco Introduction

At Dysco, we enable collaborations and conversations, so that people can meet new and interesting people who they might want to work with. We do this both online and offline, by chance or by request. Everything we create, from our app design, to the content we share, the opportunities we advertise and the people we feature, is geared toward local professional networking and discovery.

WeWork was looking for someone to design a graphic map of the neighbourhood for their newly opened BKC office. Anushka Gupta, from their Brand & Marketing team approached us to help them find a suitable match, and advertise this opportunity on our social media, open to our vibrant network of creative people, and found the right candidate, the talented Radhika Biyani, who created a beautiful product. Radhika is a Mumbai based graphic designer, who has quite a few ambitious passion projects in her portfolio like the conceptual design of NASA’s website, while still at school. Working and living in 4 cities, she has always been inclined toward the design and structural aspects of each city, and since this project required her to fuse her two passions of design and data, we’d say she was quite excited for this project, which obviously translated to amazing work.

Check out their profiles and chat with them on Dysco if you’re keen on working with them!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of work do you do.
AG: I’m a part of the brand and marketing team at WeWork, a global collaborative workspace. My past experience has been in brand strategy, event management and design, and this current role is a combination of all those things. My favourite part of my role is getting to constantly interact with interesting people from different industries across the city, and figuring out ways to partner and collaborate with them.
RB I am a freelance graphic designer based out of Bombay. I graduated from Parsons, New York City, and was working as a Junior Designer at Studio Glyph until recently. I enjoy design challenges of all sorts, but brand identity and information design projects are my absolute favourite. I also have a minor in Data Visualisation and I am looking to further explore the world of data design.

How did you guys decide to work together? What was the collaboration about?
AG: Before launching our new building in BKC, we were trying to think of different ways we could get our new members acquainted with the area. We decided to create a fun, graphic map of the neighbourhood, showing where our building was positioned with respect to other landmarks. Of course food and drink were a key feature of the map.
RB: I saw the requirement post on Dysco’s social media and applied. I have been to WeWork offices in New York and was quite excited to know that they were setting up such a wonderful space here in Bombay.

What was the most fun part about working together? Were there any challenges or surprises?
AG: The most fun part about working together was seeing the end result when it came in from the printer. Radhika did a great job in translating our verbal brief and vision into a polished finished product. The biggest challenge was the time constraint – we had only a week to get this done, and all our communications had to be over the phone since Radhika was traveling. Despite this, we were able to pull it off.
RB: Time was definitely a huge challenge for us. But Anushka was always available to answer my doubts and concerns. I am yet to see a physical copy of it, but I was happy to know that Anushka and team were pleased with the final product.

What kind of people are you looking to hire, work with, collaborate with next? 
AG: At WeWork we are always looking to collaborate with all kinds of people. From graphic designers to create interesting visual content with, to photographers and videographers to capture our space and events, to event companies, F&B outlets and brands of all types to host events and pop-ups with at our space. We’re super open to fresh ideas and always looking to create innovative experiences for our community.  
RB: As a freelance graphic designer, I am always on the lookout for new design opportunities and collaborative projects. I am an eager learner, so I am always to willing to experiment with new challenges.