Series / 4 min read / by Khrisha Shah / Sep 12, 2017

SY:SH by Sayesha Sachdev. Sustainable, Ethical and Elegant.

In conversation with Sayesha Sachdev, a Fashion Designer, Creative Director, and Mental Health Activist, living in Bangalore.

The most interesting people we’ve met, rarely have just one passion. Sayesha followed her love for art, and from it built out her sustainable clothing line SY:SH, while working as an Creative Director and campaigning for mental health awareness.

An all-round creative soul, she’s contributed to an array of projects, for a variety of designers and labels including Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin Paris, Alexander McQueen, London Fashion Week, Jyoti Sachdev Iyer, and Harper’s Bazaar. Creative styling, consultation, and conceptualization, all fall under her purview, highlighted by characteristically understated elegance. She studied Fashion Communication and Promotion, specialising in Art Direction from Central St Martins in London, and then went on to live and experience everything she loves before setting up a brand for herself.

“It’s not easy to lead a corporate life, things tend to get boring and repetitive, and however secure you may be, are you really happy?”

Strikingly calm and focused, it’s easy to trace Sayesha’s belief in her work, while speaking to her. “It’s not easy to lead a corporate life, things tend to get boring and repetitive, and however secure you may be, are you really happy? My aim was to find happiness in my passion and share it with the world. I want to create a space for artists & creators to express themselves, to give back to the community that we take from, to appreciate artwork & craftsmanship.”

SY:SH is Sayesha’s foray into building a brand that gives back to the community while representing everything she stands for. “SY:SH The Design House is organic in it’s purest form, showing you that you can feel closer to nature without feeling farther away from civilization and in fact the two could co-exist. We’re sustainable & ethical, acknowledging & appreciating the community that works together to give us beautifully stitched ensembles.”

You can expect strong silhouettes, clean lines, and minimal design if you go through SY:SH lookbooks. Using 100% cotton, industrial waste and banana fibre, her line CONSCIOUS features flared trousers, statement capes and asymmetrical tops. As Sayesha describes, “We’re innovative, creative & comfortable. Made for all, made with love by our very own artisans in the North & East of India.”

To grow her brand and spread the message of slow and ethical fashion, Sayesha is keen on collaborating with brands that are eco-friendly. As a Creative Director and a Consultant, she enjoys helping brands find their identity and footing. Moreover, to grow as an entrepreneur, it’s about finding people who are like-minded, and whose sensibilities are on the same wavelength. “Enthusiastic and creative people, who aren’t afraid to push boundaries, to question everything, and to see a different perspective.”

If you’re looking to connect, converse, or collaborate with Sayesha, you can message her and chat directly on Dysco here. You can also find links to her website and social accounts on her Dysco profile.