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    “I am very selfish as an artist,” says Untitled Tiff

    We first chatted via DM on Instagram, us as Dysco and him as Untitled Tiff. We admired his work, and he told us about his strange thoughts. We offered up some more praises and he gave us useful feedback. A few months later, at The Bold Exhibits, he made an appearance. Not that we recognised him, but he sent us a message saying we were being watched. Another few months passed, and we met again at Open House Edition III. By now we’ve exchanged two Dysco T-shirts, one male and one female, one illustrated journal, some constructive feedback and some unconstructive jokes. His work is striking, bold, bright and brazen. He asked for an unfiltered interview, so here it is, raw and untouched. 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.  What kind of work do you do?
    UT: My name is untitled.tiff and I am an Illustrator, UI Designer and the best chicken curry maker in Bangalore.

    What is your personal and professional history? What pushed you to set up your brand?
    UT: I was born and brought up in Bombay. Right now I work as a Creative Director for an agency in Bangalore. About my past, I come from an IT background and I worked for 4 years as a Web Developer. I started illustrating a year back. I used to be pretty active on Snapchat and I was too pretty to upload selfies so I would just click photos of my surroundings and draw over them. I was closely working with a design studio in Bombay called Pigeon & Co. They are the coolest and funniest people I have ever met. I consider them my mentors since I used to look at their art boards and sketches and secretly tried to imitate them after work. I wanted to shift my career from a boring web developer to an illustrator, or to someone who’s creative and can do something fun in any field. I am still learning exploring new stuffs and maybe in the future I might do something more than just illustrating.

    Any interesting piece of information about your company and yourself that you want people to know about?
    UT: Even after being such a talented person I am still single, I am looking for true love. But yeah I can see really good talent coming up at an early age, never think that you are too old or too young to do something if you want it. It’s fine if you are confused, rather than just thinking about it, keep exploring and do something good. Also follow me on Instagram and right swipe me on Tinder.

    What kind of people are you looking to work with or collaborate with? Are there any specific opportunities you’re looking for?
    UT: I don’t know if I would be able to work with anyone because I am very selfish as an artist. But yeah I am up for collaborations and slowly I want to get into videos, commercials and set designing or maybe 3d modelling. I am still confused about what I might do in the future but yeah at present I know what I want to do.

    If you want to get some bizarre and outlandish illustrations done, or if you want some unsolicited entertainment, chat with Untitled Tiff on Dysco.

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