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Retail x Tech by Lightbox and Dysco

Retail in India is at an inflection point. And technology’s role in its disruption is growing larger every day. In this new world, who is doing retail right? The founders of India’s new retail brands discuss what makes a brand successful in today’s world, how has consumer behaviour and disruptive distribution models that are shaking up the retail market.

This event has been designed for those interested in the digital transformation of retail; using influencers and celebrities to enhance social media presence; using analytics and machine learning to make informed decisions; and building brand loyalty and an engaged community online.

Who are the cool professionals participating in the panel?

Anuj Rakyan, Managing Director at Raw Pressery

As India’s first and leading cold-pressed juice brand, RAW Pressery believes that healthy and tasty mean the same thing. Founded in Mumbai, straight out of a kitchen in Late 2013, RAW Pressery has grown to become an international beverage brand across 2 countries (India and U.A.E) and organizing the fresh juice market. Their current portfolio includes 29 juices, 4 wholesome soups and a lot of exciting innovations in the pipeline. Homegrown and true to their roots, this brand is steadily changing consumer perception of fresh products on the shelf.

Raw Pressery is looking for content creators, digital media story-tellers, event designers and event curators. They are also looking to collaborate with brands, specifically natural beauty brands, cool merch brands and content aggregators like filtercopy, etc. Connect with Karishma, their brand manager via Dysco.

Yashika Punjabee, Creative Director at The Label Life

TheLabelLife.com, a leading internet-first lifestyle brand of contemporary fashion, accessories and home décor styled by Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora and Bipasha Basu. The Label Life is a premium, immersive online shopping experience, whose customers are women between the ages of 23 – 45 years, residing in the top ten cities in India & has recently started shipping to the Middle East. The Label life makes runaway fashion accessible and relevant to its customers through collaborations with designers like Falguni Shane Peacock, and Payal Singhal. The brand has experienced a 3 times year-on-year growth since its launch in October 2015.

The Label Life is currently looking at expanding offline & penetrating deeper through its existing channels digitally, connect with Parinita, their PR manager by messaging her on her Dysco Profile.

Dhimaan Shah, Founder and Managing Director of  StyleCracker

StyleCracker is India’s 1st online personal styling platform truly understanding the importance of great style in day-to-day life. StyleCracker firmly believes that each person has an individuality which ought to be expressed through their personal style. That’s where StyleCracker comes in— with customised styling advice. It’s simple! It’s honest! And most importantly – It’s fun!

Akshay Narvekar, Founder of Bombay Shirt Company

Launched in 2012, Bombay Shirt Company (BSC) is the first online custom shirt brand in India. They are on a mission to reinforce that world-class quality and product can originate in Bombay. They marry contemporary product design and technology with old-school tailoring techniques to bring you a high quality yet affordable product.

Bombay Shirt Company wants to partner with agencies who understand the brand, its sensibilities and aspirations, and thus help to craft strategic campaigns and engagements with their target  audience. Also, they are looking for talented, passionate freelance graphic designers and content-writers with an interest in fashion and refined aesthetic sensibilities. Message them on their Dysco profile now!

This event is now sold out. Stay tuned for more Dysco events. This event is presented by Lightbox,  a venture capital firm based out of Mumbai and Dysco.