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We’re opening up the ‘Dysco Diaries,’ told by a curated community of storytellers

What is Dysco Diaries all about?

We’ve handpicked people to share stories about themselves, their professional journey and their adventures at work. Those contributing are people who are unique, talented, strange, witty, cheeky, and all together just really interesting. People who we find fascinating, and people whose journeys are inspiring. They’re like you and me, they’re people who have ambitions and who are passionate about their work. This diverse group will include chefs, coders, architects, bloggers, filmmakers, writers, entrepreneurs, designers and musicians. What they have in common is that they’re opening up the private part of their professional lives to share with you.

Those who follow Dysco Diaries get a firsthand look into the everyday lives of different professions, directly from people in different industries. Think of it as a behind the scenes teaser, so you can discover more about what it takes to pursue various jobs and careers. You’ll hear their thoughts, ponderings, contemplations and opinions. Some stories might be standalone ones, others might be a series. Follow those that you find particularly intriguing, and don’t be afraid to message the storytellers on Dysco, if you have thoughts or comments! That’s what they’re doing this for – to engage with others who share their interests and to find people to collaborate with.

There isn’t a special format that our storytellers will be following, so you’re in for a string of surprises. Some might be quite long, others will shorter. We’ve got some real wordsmiths, and others.. not so much. So don’t worry if you’re not a big reader either, there will be Dysco Diaries that are more visual, audible, tangible or who knows – magical even. Our storytellers have got some incredibly valuable life experience, so you’re guaranteed to learn from them or pick up some useful advice. We’re excited to watch relationships between our storytellers and their followers develop and grow, and hope you are too!

The first of the series will be released next Monday, the 22nd of October, so watch out for it! If you’d like a personal introduction to one of the Dysco Diaries storytellers, let us know. Or if you think you’d make a great addition to Dysco Diaries, tell us why in an email on info@dyscoapp.com.

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