Series / 4 min read / by Dysco / Sep 14, 2017

“No one believed this could be converted into a business.” Rashee Kuchroo of Doggie Dabbas

In conversation with Rashee Kuchroo, Dog and Cat Nutritionist and Founder of ‘Doggie Dabbas‘, the dog nutritionists and dieticians based in Gurgaon.

If you have pets or are an animal lover, you know how much thought and care goes into looking after the furrier members of your family. Doggie Dabbas offers customised diet plans and unique treats for pets. Their range of products and plans includes offerings for kidney support, liver support, gastrointestinal support, senior doggy food and deworming treats. Given the number of testimonials from delighted clients and the rapid expansion of Doggie Dabbas to multiple cities, we decided to find out more about how and why Rashee chose to set it up after doing a Masters in Marketing Communications from Westminster University in London.

“I have always been passionate about animals. I returned to Mumbai, only to find that my Labrador, Sloppy, was not as healthy as I left him. He had put on a lot of weight and had lost his puppy white coat. This prompted me to take a keen interest in his diet and subsequently I ended up studying Dog and Cat Nutrition. Armed with the right knowledge, I decided to change Sloppy’s diet. The reality of how the right food can make a difference sunk in when guests’ visiting my home asked for their dogs to be put on a diet plan as well.”

Trying out tailored diet plans for her friends’ dogs gave Rashee a chance to experiment and perfect her technique, while building up the experience needed to set up a running business. While helping someone’s pet become healthier is rewarding, it comes with substantial trust and faith that is being placed in your hands.

“My entire company is based on my love for dogs. Its not all about balance sheets or P&L’s, its about the bond that people share with their pets.”

“The biggest challenge I encountered was that most people thought Doggie Dabbas was a hobby. No one believed this sort of a company could be converted into a business or brand. I had faith that if I provided pet parents with products that helped their pets, they would in turn trust the brand and help us along the way. I owe everything to my clients who continue to have faith in my products and me and I am forever thankful to them!”

Word-of-mouth plays a huge role in viral marketing, and with a band of happy pet parents touting the effectiveness of Doggie Dabbas, word spread far and wide. Their products soon got listed on various websites and at pet stores, while individual consultations became digitised via their website.

“Seeing dramatic results in the dogs around me lead to the birth of Doggie Dabbas. Today, we cater to a large number of dogs, across select cities, depending on their health requirements such as obesity, skin conditions, arthritis, liver & kidney issues, heart problems, gastrointestinal, etc. With increasing pet food recalls and clients feeding their dogs unhealthy store bought treats, I developed a range of treats that can satisfy even the toughest barkbuds.”

If you thought that it’s only humans who have to watch their weight and shy away from mirrors, you’d be surprised to know that weight loss plans are one of Rashee’s most interesting and dramatic programmes! “Overweight dogs suffer a whole host of problems so by just shedding the excess weight there is really a dramatic difference not only in the way the dog looks but also in their personality.”

If you’re an animal lover and have a pet who needs some extra love and care, get in touch with Rashee of Doggie Dabbas on Dysco! With more and more furry folk becoming social media celebrities, she’s keen on getting them to try out her products. “My entire company is based on my love for dogs. Pet parents can be rest assured that we aim to come out with products that benefit dogs. Its not all about balance sheets or P&L’s, its about the bond that people share with their pets.”