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A New Idea Strategist Can Help You ‘Sell the Unknown’ – Juilee Bhansali’s Dysco Diary

Juilee Bhansali is a resident of the start-up world and helps digital businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups, with design and execution of ‘idea-to-launch’ strategies to generate powerful content and build a sustainable brand equity. Her primary industrial focus includes; fashion, e-commerce, styling, beauty and lifestyle. Juilee is always on the lookout for interesting projects and assignments, connect with Juilee on Dysco now!

How I started a new work discipline and got hired!

What exactly do you do? Oh, I don’t think we need that in our start-up… How I got around creating a  new work disclipne and getting hired.

My ‘sales pitch’ conversations never go well. At least the first time around.  Clients want a saleable skill, a tangible skill- like coding, or graphic design or content writing.  But when you talk new-idea assessment or new product strategy, and specially one that is born out of a digital world, people       often get confused.

I don’t know if we need a new idea strategist at this stage. I don’t even know what that is”

“We do brainstorming and strategy in-house”

“We want someone for social media”

These are reactions I have constantly struggled with for the past few years, and lost many a good projects because I couldn’t respond to them right.  Until I figured out a way around it. To tell you the truth, I don’t blame people. If I step into their shoes, hiring a ‘new –idea assessor or strategist’ does seem vague. Especially for young entrepreneurs and start-ups who are often limited by smaller budgets.

So who am I and what do I do exactly?

My name is Juilee Bhansali. I am an MBA by education, and a ‘New Idea Strategist’ by profession.

I help entrepreneurs, new businesses and start-ups, evaluate, analyse, and  re-think their business concepts, new products, new launches, new designs, new content or new campaigns before they go to market, saving them time and money.

How is this new, you may ask? You are right. It’s not. Strategic planning as a discipline began in the early 1980s. But the weaknesses of traditional strategic planning- specially in new age, digital start-up world – have been amplified by the rapidly changing consumer moods. Now, a good strategy is more important than ever. And a good pre-launch strategy can make or break your business.

I have often seen enthusiastic entrepreneurs getting caught up in the love for their own idea, and failing to keep three very simple questions in mind:

HOW can my idea be different?

WHO will buy my idea?

For HOW long will people buy my idea?

As start-ups, or entrepreneurs everytime you think of launching a new product or starting a new service, or even a new promotional campaign, it is important to keep finding the right answers to these questions. As a new-idea strategist, I help you answer these questions, at every stage, so your idea is backed by in-depth research, powerful content, and a robust ‘idea-to-launch’ strategy.

Is it really a skill?

Of course! More than you can imagine.

A New-Idea Strategist needs to have the power to understand your business- which means being able to spot competitors and track them through their growth journey, the ability to read into your target market and its changing demands, the speed to spot trends and the vision to anticipate market response to your idea.

I typically help start-ups with indepth TG profiling, writing content, competitive analysis and building a strong social media / digital brand equity.

Is it fun?

Yes! I am always in awe of clients capable of thinking phenomenal ideas-some of them with  a potential to change the world. Being in this network, and working on so many different projects, having the power to contribute to a few of those businesses and see them succeed is very satisfying.

So, does my start-up need you?

Yes , one hundred percent.

  • If you are toying with a new idea for a product or a new idea for a marketing campaign or just need help getting off the ground, I can help.
  • If you want to study your consumers, so you can do targeted marketing or need a unique consumer acquisition strategy even before launch, without spending money, I can help.
  • If you need a to generate great content, or make a splash on social media, I can help.
  • If you need someone to bring fresh ideas to the table or just a different perspective, I can help.


I don’t know if we need a new idea strategist at this stage. I don’t even know what that is”

Let me tell you!

“We do brainstorming and strategy in-house”

How? Thinking of an idea is NOT brainstorming. Let me help you.

“We want someone for social media”

Great, social media needs new ideas and a solid strategy all the time. Let me design it for you.

If you think Juilee is exactly the kind of person who’s needed at your company or for your project, message Juilee on Dysco now and connect with her to know more about how she can help you.