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Mind The Gap by Dysco X Mixx


Let’s mind it. Let’s take issue. Let’s kick up a fuss. Let’s not be polite, let’s not shrug, let’s not ‘oh well’, let’s not walk past, pretending it doesn’t exist. Because the genderization of jobs affects us all.

Mind the Gap, presented by MIXX & Dysco is intended to be an intellectual, digital and tangible exploration of gender equality within professions and workplaces. A discourse bringing together creatives and professionals to talk about challenging gender stereotypes, trends and norms in the workspace and in their practice.

A curated selection of people, industries and conversation topics, aimed at bringing diversity of perspectives and opinions to the table. Spanning creative and non-creative industries, roles where women are entering traditionally male-dominated spheres, spaces where men are experimenting with what’s normally considered a woman’s job, and sometimes going beyond the binary, raising questions about the representation of all genders. Confronting eventually how workplaces are divided up and why.

On June 3rd, at WeWork BKC, Mind the Gap will bring together panel discussions, art and photography exhibits, storytelling sessions, music performances, interactive displays, stand up comedy and other mediums, to spread awareness of one of the most compelling issues of our generation, in a manner that is both wildly appealing and wonderfully engaging – a real celebration of progressive minds and impassioned hearts.