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Ramya sang her way from a 5 star hotel to an international audience

In conversation with Ramya Pothuri, a singer-songwriter and guitarist who composes music for a living. She’s originally from St. Louis, USA but currently resides in Mumbai.

We met Ramya at Open House in Bangalore, where she performed on stage, and left everyone mesmerised. Only 21 years old, she’s already successfully released her first independent acoustic indie-folk EP titled “We Never Left”, a mellow and refreshing 4-track album. As promotion for the event, Ramya told us about a tour she organised with her friends, Ronit Sarkar and Rishi Bradoo, to share her music with people in an intimate and meaningful way.

“The Living Room Tour,” is a series of house gigs around Mumbai where 4-5 artists sing their songs in an intimate space, giving listeners a chance to really connect with both the musicians and the music, without being distracted by other stimuli. Given that the concept was a resounding success, they quickly decided to make it a regular event. Both LBB and Rolling Stone India caught wind of the refreshing new concept, and soon did features on it – adding to the wave of attention Ramya was receiving.

“It kind of switched on something in my brain, and since then all these songs have been coming out of me.”

Music is not new to Ramya, she’s been waltzing with music since a very young age. When she was only 13, she found her dad’s classical guitar lying around the house. Restless and curious, she picked it up and soon began playing it with much flair and confidence. “I’ve been involved with music since I can remember, but my first professional venture as a musician was a job at a 5 -star hotel where I would sing four nights a week. Pursuing music as a ‘job’ instead of a hobby was new to me and I quickly realised it was what I wanted to do. 6 months into it, I quit and moved to Mumbai where I aimed to explore what I could do in music as a singer and performer even more.”

Ramya’s true inspiration for writing started when she moved to India. “It kind of switched on something in my brain, and since then all these songs have been coming out of me.” says Ramya. She eventually found her place as a songwriter and a performer, and as the opportunities for gigs started multiplying, she began performing more frequently both in India and internationally. Unabashedly, she says, “I’m a bit of a workaholic.”

She describes her EP album to be very raw and honest, something that everybody can vibe to. Her songs are inspired by personal events and moments from her life, like the song ‘Places’ describes the anxieties of shifting homes, while most others are uplifting and appreciated for their melodies.

In 2017, she completed her first international and completely DIY tour of Sri Lanka, titled “The Quick And Dirty Tour”, along with 5 other artists. She has also performed at venues and events like The Lil Flea, Todi Mill Social, Cafe Zoe and NCPA. Undoubtedly talented and wonderfully charming, Ramya would be the ideal choice for a personal and homely event or for a meaningful special occasion. 

“I love working with people who are better than me, I get to learn so much in the process.”

When we asked Ramya who she’d like to collaborate with, she emphasised people who are open-minded and enjoy trying new things. “I love working with people who are better than me, I get to learn so much in the process. I want to work with people who are doing things honest to themselves.” she says. 

If you’re looking to connect, converse, or collaborate with Ramya, you can message her and chat directly on Dysco here. You can also find links to her website and social accounts on her Dysco profile.

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