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“I Wear Make-up to Work and I Wear it with Pride” – Jason Arland on Working His Way Up

Inspiration can strike anywhere and at any time, and if you want something badly enough, rules of the book simply don’t apply. That’s Jason Arland’s motto, a 22-year-old makeup artist, performer, dancer, model, and fashion influencer, who lives in Mumbai. Jason has also worked at the prestigious Jean-Claude Biguine as a Style and Beauty Director, he took some time to share with us how hard work and networking are the two keys to success. Read on to know more of this Brown Boy’s journey and insight, as well as discover ways in which you can work with him. Chat with Jason on Dysco to discuss your next glam photoshoot or get him to perform a gig at your venue.

How he got on our radar
Today, Jason Arland has achieved much more than the other young men (and women!) his age. He has been covered by The Times of India, The Asian Age, Just a Post, Purple Thoughts, Hair magazine, xxss Malini and many others, who were eager to trace his journey and story. The fashion and beauty industries are full of both men and women, although makeup artists and fashion stylists are predominantly female-professions. As Jason gained popularity for his work in both these professions, the media celebrated Jason’s proud pursuit of his passions. He offers workshops both online and offline, and has also styled numerous celebrities like Ahanna Kumra, Sarah Jane Dias and Pooja Hedge. Consistently experimenting with styles, he maintains that comfort needs to be balanced with pizzazz.

The industry’s approach
Jason has always tried to be blunt and honest about his personality and his fashion, saying, “I wear makeup and nobody has questioned me about the matter.” It’s powerful in a way that it represents India and its people becoming more open towards the community. Whether or not the entire Indian population, or urban societies have broadened their outlook, Jason emphasises the importance of focusing on the quality of your work. Let your work speak for itself, whether you’re gay or straight shouldn’t be the talking point, the value you deliver should be enough to convince others to work with you. Speaking about his own experiences, he said “I tried not to victimise myself. Own who you are, be confident and only then does the world start accepting you.”

How did it all start?
It can all be traced back to a ‘once upon a time’, when a little boy in Nagpur started wearing makeup from the tender age of five, performing in plays and shows, and began dancing through his early life. While little Jason couldn’t have known where his professional life would take him, tell-tale signs were around him all along. He designed and stitched his own costumes, much inspired by the resident Beyonce of his household, his mother. It was after he turned 16 that he decided to take the plunge and set out to Pune to chalk out his career path.

When his passion became his career
With multiple talents and diverse interests, Jason wasn’t afraid to pursue them all – and simultaneously, at that! He first worked as a dancer and administrator at Danza De La Liga, and was, in fact, the youngest of the group. No sooner did he begin dancing professionally, he moved on to study fashion at NIFD. Given his keen eye for glamour and style, he wanted to focus on gaining professional knowledge in the field, as he assumed doing fashion design was probably the only inroad to the fashion industry. By the time he was 18, Jason was eager to start his professional life in full swing. With social media and digital resources presented to him on a platter, he took enormous inspiration from the well-known Youtuber, Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials. Jason started his own channel of makeup tutorials, for which he received a heartwarming response and an incredibly engaged audience! And that was just the beginning for him.

Playing to your strengths
Steadfastly averse to planning and scheduling, Jason turned what some might consider a weakness, into one of his greatest strengths. What he plans to do, what he wants to achieve in 5 years, what’s next on the radar – he’s not exactly sure and that’s okay for now. He’d rather take things as they come and enjoy the present. “I wouldn’t be where I was today if I didn’t just go with it.” With youth comes professional freedom, and Jason capitalised on the chance to experiment. Eventually, after navigating the world of fashion and beauty, Jason realised he had entered a world which would accept the true version of himself. He worked towards developing and evolving his own unique style, and used his exuberant personality to charm others in the industry, he has collaborated with Givenchy, NYX Cosmetics and Glam Glow, to mention a few. By not having a rigid plan, he actually ended up doing a lot more, but of course, there’s no end to how much you can learn from and network with others. “If you don’t educate yourself, no one will,” he believes.

How can you collaborate with the multifaceted Jason Arland?
Jason is looking to work with brands that believe in building gender-fluid ideas and concepts, and people who believe in gender inclusive growth. Creative branding agencies, photographers, fashion industry professionals who want to work to create something different, innovative and bold would be the right ones to approach him. Chat with Jason on Dysco to know more, or email us on for a personal introduction.

This article is written by Divya Bagaria for Dysco and edited by Dysco. Divya is a content and copy writer based in Mumbai. She also has an MSc. in Psychology and runs a part time counselling practice. You can connect with Divya Bagaria on Dysco App, for consultations, conversations or collaborations.