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Mind The Gap by Dysco X Mixx


Let’s mind it. Let’s take issue. Let’s kick up a fuss. Let’s not be polite, let’s not shrug, let’s not ‘oh well’, let’s not walk past, pretending it doesn’t exist. Because the genderization of jobs affects us all.

Mind the Gap, presented by MIXX & Dysco is intended to be an intellectual, digital and tangible exploration of gender equality within professions and workplaces. A discourse bringing together creatives and professionals to talk about challenging gender stereotypes, trends and norms in the workspace and in their practice.

A curated selection of people, industries and conversation topics, aimed at bringing diversity of perspectives and opinions to the table. Spanning creative and non-creative industries, roles where women are entering traditionally male-dominated spheres, spaces where men are experimenting with what’s normally considered a woman’s job, and sometimes going beyond the binary, raising questions about the representation of all genders. Confronting eventually how workplaces are divided up and why.

On June 3rd, at WeWork BKC, Mind the Gap will bring together panel discussions, art and photography exhibits, storytelling sessions, music performances, interactive displays, stand up comedy and other mediums, to spread awareness of one of the most compelling issues of our generation, in a manner that is both wildly appealing and wonderfully engaging – a real celebration of progressive minds and impassioned hearts.

Speakers & Panelists

Art & Design: Shreya Dev Dube; Skye Arundhati Thomas

Shreya Dev Dube is a freelance cinematographer based out of Mumbai. She studied photography in Melbourne and later went on to specialize in Cinematography at EICAR, Paris. Her latest work was a feature-length film set in Kolkata, directed by Rohnny Sen.

Skye Arundhati Thomas is a freelance writer and editor based in Mumbai. She was also a columnist for the Times of India: Mumbai Mirror on the Art Deco Architecture of Mumbai.

Sport: Suhail Chandhok and Ayesha Billimoria

Suhail Chandhok is a popular TV presenter and sports commentator at Star Sports & IPL. He is a sports and media influencer, and an advocate for both men and women in the sports industry.

Ayesha Billimoria is a track and field athlete, the captain of Adidas Runners, Mumbai, coach at One Track Athletics Club, and also a model. She is also a prominent health influencer. She has worked as a body double for both Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, and her most recent project as a body double was Bajirao Mastani.

Aviation: Janaki Subramaniam

Janaki is a commercial pilot with an avid passion for photography especially film and natural photography. She also loves capturing the essence of life on her camera. Her remarkable photography skills have earned her 50k followers on Instagram. Her profession and her passion are a reflection of her fiercely independent spirit.

Theatre & Performance: Rytasha Rathore

Rytasha Rathore is known for playing the lead role in Badho Bahu- a popular Hindi TV show. She also maintains a comical facebook page called Rytasha’s #Kaarnamey, which is a quirky take on some pressing issues facing our society right now such as sexuality, rape culture, and body shaming.

Transport: Revathi Roy

Revathi Roy is the brains behind Asia’s first all-women taxi service, Forsche, and has recently founded India’s first all-women instant parcel delivery service, Hey Deedee. Because of her stellar work in the field of women empowerment, she was awarded The Femina Jury Award for social impact and the Women Icon Award in Singapore.

Media & Advertising: K V Sridhar aka Pops and Tara Kapur

KV Sridhar aka Pops is the Founder & CEO at HyperCollective, and he was the Advertising Guru/ex CCO at Leo Burnett India. He is a global creative leader who, in his 38 years of experience, has created and broken many records. He is associated with the Ladli Foundation and Population First- an NGO that has been working towards gender sensitization, and improving health issues for 13 years.

Tara Kapur is the Executive Producer at Supari Studios- an innovative digital content studio- and the founding member of Vitamin Stree- a platform that touches on content around the passion points of young women in India. She is also a long-distance runner, travel enthusiast, tea addict, book and film lover.

Film & Content Creation: Reema Sengupta and Akshat Gupt

Reema Sengupta is a writer-director based in Mumbai. She has directed documentaries, stop-motion animation projects, interactive video installations, and narrative films spanning across India, UK, South Korea, and the US. She was one of the 24 filmmakers from all over Asia to be awarded the prestigious Asian Film Academy Fellowship.Her recent project is a movie called ‘Counterfeit Kunkoo’, India’s sole entry at Sundance 2018. The movie tells the story of a woman who despite being an ideal tenant, discovers singledom can be cruel and oppressive. It also explores the relatively harsher issues of sexism and misogyny

Akshat Gupt is the founder of Supari Studios- an innovative digital content studio. At 26, he left his lucrative job at a venture capital firm and started Supari Studios. He is known for his technical proficiency and perfectionism and regards creativity above anything else.

Music: Amit Gurbaxani; Tarana Marwah;Ashutosh Phatak; Debayan Deb; Aditi Ramesh; Shilpi Gupta

Amit Gurbaxani is a journalist who has been writing about music and covering the country’s independent scene for more than two decades. He has spoken and written extensively on the lack of solo female voices in the contemporary Hindi film industry.

Tarana Marwah spearheads Komorebi- an electronica outfit from New Delhi. Komorebi is a Japanese word that translates to ‘Sunlight that filters through tree leaves’. Tarana started this project in 2015 after being heavily inspired by the Japanese anime music. She is a multitalented artist- a trained vocalist and piano/keyboard player

Ashutosh Phatak is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and entrepreneur based in Mumbai. He is one of the founding partners of the live music chain blueFROG, co-founder of The True School of Music, and one of the co-founders of The Quarter. He has composed music for over 4000 television commercials and 10 feature films and has released over 15 music albums in the past two decades.

Debayan Deb is the Head of Programming at Only Much Louder- a media enterprise known for creating premium live and content experiences. OML has revolutionized the live music scene in India, and strive to bring some of the country’s most exciting live properties.

Aditi Ramesh is an exemplary vocalist, songwriter, and producer with a versatile voice complimented by a range of techniques and tonal modulations. She quit her job as a corporate lawyer at one of the top law firms in the country to pursue her passion for music full-time. Her musicality has experienced an exponential growth since then.

Shilpi Gupta is the National Culture Manager at Red Bull India. She is a music enthusiast, and an avid supporter of the live music scene in India.

Comedy:Rohan Joshi; Sumukhi Suresh; Sonali Thakkar

Rohan Joshi is a Mumbai based stand-up comedian associated with the famous Indian comedy sketch group- All India Bakchod. AIB is known for its unique brand of comedy to effectively convey modern social issues.

Sumukhi Suresh is an improv, sketch, and stand-up comedian, whose recent creation ‘Pushpavalli’ based on a young woman who moves to Bengaluru from Bhopal to chase a young man she randomly fell in love with. The show adds a nuanced touch to stalking- something that has been glorified by Bollywood for far too long.

Sonali Thakker is a part-time stock broker, dance enthusiast, and a full-time Gujju who performs comedy on the weekends. She has performed on some of the biggest stages in the country including the Canvas Laugh Club and NCPA.

Workshops* (some priced independently)

Volunteering, Gender & The Social Sector – Masterclass by ConnectFor

ConnectFor is a volunteering platform that connects changemakers and people who need them, thereby creating a win-win situation for both. It is the brainchild of the Rosy Blue Foundation Team. The idea behind the NGO was to make volunteering easy, convenient, and fun. They pride themselves on being a sort of volunteer cupid.

Creative Conceptualisation & Photography Workshop by Riddhi Parekh Photography

Riddhi Parekh is a Mumbai-based photographer with an insatiable lust for travel. Her remarkable work and passion for her craft led her to be recognized by none other than National Geographic. Recently, one of her fashion stories went viral for its innovative approach of shooting fashion in a local train.

Mardon Waali Baat– Gender Sensitisation Workshop by Chintan Girish Modi

Chintan Girish Modi is a freelance writer, educator, and researcher based out of Mumbai. He has completed a month-long training on ‘Understanding Masculinities- Engaging Men and Boys towards Gender Equality’, organized by the Centre for Health and Social Justice in partnership with MenEngage Alliance South Asia.

Design & Illustration for Social Causes – Workshop by Shreya Gulati

Shreya Gulati, Design Lead at Houndstooth Strategic Communications, Design, Mumbai is known for her varied portfolio and a preference for nudes. Her illustrations feature strong women, nudity, and angry faces, the inspiration for which is her personal life. Her art form is an unabashed portrayal of herself, created without the fear of judgment.

Songwriting workshop by Ankur Tewari

Ankur Tewari is a storyteller. He has spent the better part of his life discovering different mediums to share his tales. At times his stories find their way through his music and at other times through his films. His songs are simple and evocative; they come from an honest and at times vulnerable space, which makes them easy to form an instant connection with. With a loyal fan base that has been steadily growing, their journey has only gotten more impressive and exciting over time. Highlights have included opening for world-renowned artists like Raul Midon, Fink and Norah Jones.

Installations & Screenings

Body Positivity & Challenging Gender Norms – Photography Installation by Roshini Kúmar

Roshini Kúmar is a professional photographer, who is equally passionate about styling, digital art, and creative direction. She loves to create new things, break boundaries, and experiment with her art. She is also an avid supporter of body positivity, and documented herself in a series titled ‘Fearless’ to promote self-love and talk about the unrealistic beauty standards set by the society.

Gender Neutral Clothing on the Body Form – by Purushu Arie

Purushu Arie is India’s first gender neutral fashion designer, who started India’s first gender neutral fashion label- Purushu. His art celebrates individuality by proposing neutrality of gender, race, appearance, and every other cultural differences and conditioning. He aims to break the fashion barriers and move beyond the binaries.

Ice Hockey in the Himalayas – Photography Installation by Indrajeet Rajkhowa

Indrajeet Rajkhowa is a photographer based in Mumbai known for his passion for shooting portraiture and fashion. He loves to capture the fine nuances and intricate details of life. His work portrays the rustic charm of a village and the faces and places of bustling cities with the same measure of sensibilities.

Boys of Safdarjung – Short FIlm Screening by Nikhil D

Nikhil D is a visual artist whose film ‘Boys of Safdarjung’ was screened at the Godrej India Culture Lab. The movie is about a group of queers living in a Delhi colony, and throws light on how queer experiences are changing as more and more people are coming out of the closet.

Women Metro Drivers – Photography Installation by Riddhi Parekh

Riddhi Parekh is a Mumbai-based photographer with an insatiable lust for travel. Her remarkable work and passion for her craft led her to be recognized by none other than National Geographic. Her installation shows women metro drivers in Delhi metro, which, according to her, is quite an unusual profession for women in a city like Delhi.

To be announced shortly

Event Partners
WeWork BKC – Community Partner
WeWork provides beautiful and flexible workspaces and services for a global network of creators.

Vitamin Stree – Content Creation Partner
Vitamin Stree is an online platform that talks about everything Indian, urban, and women.

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