Features | by Aanchal Chotlani

Why you should attend Dysco Speed Networking

Where do you find potential professional partners, collaborators or employees?

As millennials, we’re known as driven and ambitious individuals, eager to build our professional portfolios in rich and innovative ways. However, being career driven isn’t enough. It’s challenging to find the right clients, collaborators and partners. Finding people to interact with personally is easier than before, but professionally, the gap still remains.

That’s why Dysco Speed Networking appeals to young professionals today. Speed Networking is a concept that helps you meet clients and agencies all under one roof. Serendipity? Hogwash! Dysco Speed Networking is deliberately curated experience where you can network and meet relevant professionals to grow your professional life or perhaps even get hired. Collaborate, network, hire, get hired or freelance – anything is possible.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

The participants and attendees of our last session all had some expectations that they communicated to us. Professionals from various backgrounds in design, culture and creativity approached us with the people they were looking for.

“I am a Visual Communication Designer from Pune, India. Constantly learning and looking out for great opportunities to broaden my design knowledge. Research and process driven problem solving are my key strengths,” wrote Eishan Banerje.

Doorbeen Creatives, told us, “we are looking for Brands seeking for unique Visual Stories in the form of Photos, Films, Brand Tone, Social Media Content, Print Campaigns etc. We would be glad to build long term relationships and associate ourselves with brands working towards Sustainable Culture, Fashion Innovation in Contemporary Indian Aesthetics.”

Companies that create visual brochures were also on the hunt; Devansh Shah, elaborates, “We’re looking to hire heads of sales and business. We are looking to collaborate with marketing agencies to tailor our product for specific industries. We are looking for clients from the fields of marketing, interior design, real estate, architecture and tourism.”  

The Opening Act of the Series

Our first edition was targeted at startups and budding creatives across different disciplines, including professionals and agencies, specialising in tech development, design, advertising, content creation, digital marketing, and video production. Hiring, getting hired, collaborating, freelancing and networking – with everyone’s intentions, offerings and requirements made clear, match-making was easy at Dysco. 

Engaging Participants

Business cards and brochures were on display, brands and businesses had their PowerPoints ready, and displays of offline collaterals were ready to impress.

Some of the participants included Chirag Shah from video production agency Boch & Fernsh, Saurabh Rajput & Pranidhi Gupta of  creative agency Doorbeen Creatives, digital marketers Sunaina Basu & Arjun Sawhney of Rafiki Marketing, creative consultant Krishnaa Gaadey of Artisto Designz, experience designer Minal Jadeja, and branding expert Ruchika Parab of Team Oblique

Doorbeen Creatives was looking to hire freelance creative professionals for their magazine. While Minal Jadeja was looking to collaborate with innovative agencies and professionals to try her hand at something new aside from her ongoing design projects.

Enter Eager Attendees

Soon enough, the attendees wandered into the Dysco office, ready to network and chat about their work. With their name tags on and minds sharpened, everyone gathered together. Who came to meet our participants? Founders, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, film directors, artists and even investors, we had them all. Some were there in hopes of getting hired, some to find eager new employees, others looking for likeminded collaborators, and others just looking for a new professional connection. 

So began the circle of confident idea pitching and shy professional reveals. The attendees included founders and entrepreneurs like photographer and filmmaker Mourya Dandu, Neville Patel of ODOCO, Anushka Rajan Doshii of ACMESHKA, Vishakha Jindal , Anshu Shah Meghnaa Saraswat , Aditya Mehta, Janil ShahDevansh ShahUdit Satsangi , Anjali Merchant, and Aarti Shah. All on the lookout to exchange ideas and expand on their IPs.

Feedback on the Event

Our first speed networking, while a humble and compact event, was received with an array of emotions and gratitude. “Everything flowed really well, been recommending other creatives to be a part of it. Looking forward to future sessions. Thank you, ” commented  Vishakha Jindal.

“It was a great valuable session. Handmade work is India is not that recognised and there is no specific platform for the same. Here I could meet people and explain them the idea and how it could be beneficial. The beginning has to be made from somewhere and with this session at least that has happened,” remarked Pieces Collage (who went on to collaborate and create artwork for Dysco & Mixx for Mind The Gap!)

And personalised emails weren’t far behind, we were humbled by an email from Lauren, which read, “Hey guys, Thank you so much for having the speed networking meet-up today. It was honestly the best creatives meetup I’ve experienced since I’ve moved to Mumbai, and as a freelance videographer I got to meet quite a lot of creative brand individuals who shared their interest in working with me. Thank you again and I can’t wait to have more of these meet-up with you guys watch us grow. It was fun!!”

Dysco is Always Ready to Mingle

While this was only the first edition of the series, we’re already preparing for the next one. If you’re keen on being a part of the next Dysco Speed Networking session, let us know by filling this form, or drop us an email on info@dyscoapp.com