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The Highlights from Vocation Redefined

With Vocation Redefined, we set out to bring together people and brands who are passionate about travel and sustainability, under one beautiful roof. Dysco & Ministry of New were eager to have them share knowledge, inspire each other, discover new collaborations and engage in interesting conversation.

It was more than what we wanted, and certainly much more than we could have asked for – Vocation Redefined saw not just those who are already pushing the boundaries and enabling change in these fields, but also welcomed those who knew little about these topics but were keen to discover new ideas.

On Sunday, 11th March, we witnessed a gathering of pioneers who are exploring, experiencing and exhibiting their journey of professional discovery. People and brands from various parts of the country came together for this event and gave an engaged audience a chance to network, understand and ask questions, about the lives of lives of digital nomads and sustainability enthusiasts.

Sustainable innovators like Sahar Mansoor of Bare Necessities, and Rewant Lokesh of The Burlap People, shed light on the how sustainability starts with at home, and doesn’t always require a dramatic lifestyle transformation, but just the will to adapt to new habits.

Culinary and nutrition magicians like Aditi Malik of Conscious food, Gauri Devidayal of The Table and Magazine Street Kitchen, and Mikhael & Sarvangi of Mandala Life, shared their take on conscious living, sustainable supply chains and finding joy in vocational nutrition.

Photography and videography gypsies like Dheer Momaya & Daria Gai of Jugaad Productions, Mukul Bhatia of Nomadic Origins, GoPro Ambassador Yash Rane and travel photographer Chirag Sadhnani shared their stories and experiences visually, while inspiring wide-eyed attendees to start off on an adventure of their own. They even exhibited the best of their work, moments captured from all over the globe for our audiences to see.

Creative writers and social media sensations, Tara Khandelwal of Bound, Suhavini Singh of India Cultural Hub, and Sheena Dabholkar of Lover reminded people of the power of their words and voice, pushing just the right buttons to stir the minds of aspiring writers and creators.

Explorers both above and below the horizon, Raffael Kably of Soul & Surf, and Bhushan Bagadia, Michelle Pereira and Karan Mehta of Simply Breathe, shared their love of the sea and the hidden secrets down under – which they implored us to value and protect for its rich value and beauty.

Design and brand creator Anjali Mody of Josmo, Skarma and ANDSo shared her latest venture ANDSo’s formulation, giving the crowd an insider’s view to what it takes to create and maintain a successful brand.

However, it wasn’t just the speakers who delighted Vocation Redefined attendees. Homegrown sustainable brands like Sienna Store, Bare Necessities, Conscious Food, The Burlap People, Clove, Ayurganic, Organza, Paper Planes and Pamplemousse bought their own unique virtues and offered curated products and goods.

What we heard most often, was the vibe that people were feeling – easy, relaxed, inspiring and collaborative. The venue, Ministry of New was set alight with creativity and innovation, with the artworks of creative professionals like Siddharth Somaiya and Viraj Mithani, who showcased their carefully curated works in honour of the occasion.

Moreover, #SoundLikeBurlap’s Ronit Sarkar aka Awkward Bong graced the audience with a soulful performance alongside singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri, while Munna mesmerised audiences with tribal hang drum sounds to close the day.

With freshly cooked food and juices provided by Mandala life, and beverages by Thirsty Beer and Grover Zampa Vineyards, Good Juicery and Poshn, our community was spoiled for choice.

Vocation Redefined turned out be, what seemed like a neatly wrapped present for innovation junkies, creative misfits, sustainability enthusiasts and travel lovers. Conscious consumerism, slow living, and ethical practices – there’s much more to sustainability than just recycling and reusing. If you’re an explorer at heart, a lover of nature, or an aspiring nomad – there are plenty of people and brands who can help you discover and wander consciously.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s to come – we’ll be hosting and curating more events and experiences, campaigns and content – so reach out to us on info@dyscoapp.com or chat with Khrisha if you’re looking to get involved! Do reach out to those who participated, you can message them on Dysco App, and find ways to collaborate and work together.

And oh yes, don’t forget, it’s always a good time to Dysco!

This article is written by Divya Bagaria for Dysco and edited by Dysco. Divya is a content and copy writer based in Mumbai. She also has an MSc. in Psychology and runs a part time counselling practice. You can connect with Divya Bagaria on Dysco App, for consultations, conversations or collaborations.