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Dysco Speed Networking Series

You can Dysco face-to-face now, with our fresh upcoming series of curated Speed Networking events, themed around different topics, industries, disciplines and interests.

When’s this happening and what’s the theme?

Our first edition on 22nd April brings together agencies and individuals, across tech development, design, advertising, content creation, digital marketing, and video production. The event offers a chance for you to discover new collaboration opportunities, engage in interesting conversations, take on more clients, or hire people. Check the event post for the first edition for more details, and get ready to get speedy on Dysco!

Why are we doing this?

Bringing people, brands and businesses together on a common platform is our goal, both online and offline. We curate an intimate group of passionate and talented individuals and entities, let them know how they could potentially work together, and give them a space to interact and engage.

Why should you be excited?

Whether you’re looking to discover new collaboration opportunities, engage in interesting conversations, find a new job or take on more clients – Dysco’s Speed Networking series offer the right platform, tools and information to pursue relevant opportunities with likeminded people around you.

How can you become a part of this?

The events are curated, based on quality of work, value offering of participants and matching intentions of those involved. If you’re looking to participate in one of these sessions, you can begin by creating a profile on Dysco App, let us know via email on info@dyscoapp.com how and why you’d like to participate, and subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next event is coming up. These sessions are limited to under 30 spots, so make sure to register early.