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Takeaways from the Design Your Vocation Workshop

Have you attended a workshop full of laughter, inspiration and quirky pictures of Apes? If so, you may have been a part of ‘Design Your Vocation’, an interactive workshop hosted by Dysco x Great To Awesome which helped and provided the workshop participants with the tools to turn their ideas into action.

Nudge Your Mind

Often in one’s professional life, it’s easy to feel a bit lost and slightly overwhelmed, whether it’s starting a side project or a business. Questions like: “What’s the right thing to do?” “Where do I begin?” “How can I take my career to the next level?” “How do I efficiently explore professional ideas?” and of course, the crowd favourite, “But is that the right choice?”, practical and realistic questions that undoubtly tend creep in occasionally .

However, sometimes all it takes is a little push and the right psychological tools to achieve one’s goals and find solutions to the questions that might have been keeping you up at night. Design Your Vocation took a practical and fresh approach towards turning inspiration to aspiration.

And So It Began

The event kickstarted with Dysco’s CEO and co-founder, Khrisha Shah sharing her story of how she turned her ideas into reality, applying practical difficulties faced by her and taking that to create a platform both online and offline for professionals where networking wouldn’t be dependent on chance encounters and abrupt opportunities.

The facilitators, Benjamin Lane and Nadia Piet proceeded to introduce the audience to their journey and their light bulb moments. After a fun introductory activity to help introduce the attendees to one another, young dreams were vocalised and hidden aspirations being realised, the workshop was truly set into motion.

Enthusiastic Turnout

The participants were fresh graduates exploring their next steps, aspiring professionals with missions, eager learners and future entrepreneurs, all gathered together to know as to how they could water their seeds of ideas.

When asked about where they were in their professional journey and what they hoped to gain to of the workshop, a number of diverse answers were communicated. Vijit, a participant and a professional at the brink of starting his own business, said, “I wish to start a business which will help people become a lot more motivated about remaining healthy. I want to understand what exactly can I do to start the process, like the step by step process that needs to be taken.”

Then there were experienced professionals who had left behind successful careers to work towards something they were passionate about like, Shibani Moorjani, who shared, “I very recently realised that my passion lies in event planning, especially personal events. I’ve just completed organising three events but since I’m new to the industry, I’ve been looking for ways to network better, gain knowledge and direction to achieve my goal. I worked in the corporate world for seven years but I risked it and here I am.”

Thinking of the next step and deciding on the route you might want to take to achieve your aspirations can be tricky, but when you have one or two monkey loving guides to nudge you in the right direction, thoughts regarding potential and the ability to be able to do something awesome comes into perspective.

From Great To Awesome

Ben and Nadia unfolded a compact interaction which took inspiration from design thinking, growth mindset and application of experimentation. They introduced the participants to business methodologies like Lean Thinking and shared intriguing book suggestions for eager readers to learn from. The workshop was like a large group of dreamers discussing and exchanging ideas that didn’t just involve the facilitators’ inputs but also valued the opinions and suggestions of fellow participants.

Bloggers, artists, techies, managers, planners and entrepreneurs were engrossed in exchanging their expeditions and goals as the workshop facilitators directed them towards digging deeper by questioning and exploring their inner voices.

The energy ran high with stand-up activities, voicing concerns and mindfulness exercises. The participants also practiced putting down ideas and exploring different steps that they could take to turn their ideas into a successful career.

By the conclusion of the workshop, myths regarding vocational transformation were broken, steps that needed to be taken were identified and a fruitful plan to start implementing ideas was solidified.

Impact Verified

Krishna, a participant of the workshop cheered, “I really enjoyed every bit of the workshop, especially meeting other’s that also want to pursue something different and the overall break down of the process”

While another participant expressed, “Making experimenting feel realistic. It has given me more hope to try to pursue what I would enjoy at least by the side and gradually full time with baby steps.”

When asked about their biggest learning, Ritu Malhotra reviewed, “Between information and wisdom is small messy imperfect steps/actions and that’s okay. Also writing it all down and putting it out into physical world rather than have It all inside you is a huge learning. Will do this always. Also loved the breathing exercises bit. Really guys love it all!”

Dysco Now

The feedback received by the audience was like a energy packed high-five helping us strengthen our resolve of organising and offering curated workshops and events that will help professionals and communities get inspired into reaching their full potential.

Dysco is pumped and so we shall be back with a lot more. Keep posted to check out our exciting upcoming events. If you’d like to get in touch with our awesome facilitators, Benjamin Lane and Nadia Piet, chat with them on Dysco now!

This article is written by Divya Bagaria for Dysco and edited by Dysco. Divya is a content and copy writer based in Mumbai. She also has an MSc. in Psychology and runs a part time counselling practice. You can connect with Divya Bagaria on Dysco App, for consultations, conversations or collaborations.