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A Curated List of India’s most Innovative Branding & Design Studios

We’ve compiled a list of nine interesting, unique and innovative branding and design agencies in India, presented here in alphabetical order in the name of unbiased curation. Good design is hard to come by, but what we were in search of, was great design. Design that evokes emotion – perhaps just a smile, wonderment or even nostalgia. As every form of communication becomes more visual, both creative and non-creative organisations and brands are recognising the importance of thoughtful branding and design. Every startup, company and independent professional markets themselves on social media, for which they need creative graphics, engaging video content and sophisticated design. UI & UX designers are constantly being scouted, to create professional interfaces for apps and websites.

As more and more individuals and brands approach us to recommend what we consider ‘good design agencies,’ we decided to put together a selection of the best we’ve encountered and engaged with. We strongly believe that it’s not about how big or small the company is, or how many A-List clients they’ve bagged. We’ve selected these agencies because they’re passionate about design, they put a lot of effort into each project, and they’re committed to constant innovation. They’ve each taken the time to share their stories with us and create individual accounts on Dysco, so that you can find them easily and chat with a relevant team member directly to know more about their work and services. Read on to know their specialties, fun facts and collaboration opportunities.

Beard Design

Location: Mumbai, India
Known for: Rebranding for Swiggy and creating the “S” monogram. Also, website design for BookMyShow recruitment page

Bombay-based design studio, Beard Design was founded in 2012 in Goa, by Abhisek Sarda. The studio focuses on pushing the envelope in Brand Design and UX Design. Their work is bold, eclectic and experimental – a mix of art, design, and technology. They’ve worked with brands like Swiggy, Paperboat and BookMyShow – but what they really dig is building brands from scratch. They’re domain-agnostic, having worked with brands that range from craft beer, fashion, cafes and gourmet teas to financial services, wearable tech, and healthcare. The studio is founded on the belief that design comes first. Clients, money, awards, recognition – is all just collateral. They work with clients and hire teammates who share this belief and take a principled approach to business and life.

You can check out their website or chat with Amrit from Beard Design on Dysco here.

Boch & Fernsh

Location: Mumbai, India
Known for:  Video content creation (for brands like Johnson & Johnson)

Born in 2000, Boch & Fernsh is a Mumbai-based creative agency and video specialist. They started off as a web solution company but soon realised that their forte was actual design and technology. Chirag Shah, founder of B&F says that, “Boch & Fernsh is an extension of the things I am passionate about, like design, technology, music, and travel. I always believed that if you were passionate about what you do, you would never fail. So I set up B&F, to satiate my passion and also earn my bread, butter, and caviar, while I’m at it.” A team of highly passionate professionals, they treat their client’s work as if it were their own and amalgamate logic and creativity to curate designs that resonate with their clients. Their clients are primarily corporate firms and companies. They specialise in videos, UI design for websites and apps, branding and augmented virtual reality. If you’re looking for someone to create videos as a tool for content marketing then B&F would be a perfect fit. They’re looking for talent who work well with 3D motion, cinema 4D etc, video script writers who can write well for brands and corporates and app developers since they specialise in UI and are always on the lookout for coding partners.

You can check out their website here.

Lazy Eight

Location: New Delhi, India (and also on the Cloud)
Known for: helping Hyperloop One launch in India, Saif Partner’s new website; and working with Uber on Uber Exchange

Lazy Eight is a cloud-based creative agency that uses a team of distributed thinkers, engineers, and developers to help build their clients a human-centred brand and product. What’s interesting about Lazy Eight is that they are pro-remote, their principals can work from anywhere in the world as long as they’re connected. Currently, about 70% of their team is in India, while the rest are split between Europe and the United States. They’ve worked with established clients like Sabyasachi, Blue Tokai Coffee and Airtel in the past. However, they also cater to emerging startups and NGOs or non-profits. Founded by Nav Chatterji, they offer services in UI/UX design, branding, digital marketing, print design and copywriting. “Our goal is to be a creative partner for each of our clients so they can use our services as and when they require.” With their team of highly qualified professionals, you can trust them to deliver clean and efficient designs. When we asked them what kind of people they’re looking to collaborate with they said, “We’re looking to work with clients that are willing to take risks and think out of the box. Folks that are our type of ‘Cray’.”

You can check out their website or chat with Katyayni from Lazy Eight on Dysco here.

Lollypop Design Studio

Location: Bangalore, India
Known for: UI & UX design

Anil Reddy founded Lollypop, a dedicated UI / UX design studio, in 2013, with a vision to “put India on a world map as a digital design destination.” Lollypop is ranked among top 3 UX agencies around the globe and have clientele base from as many as 11 countries. Their experience traverses across 15 plus industries ranging from Health-care, Fin-tech, IoT, Wearables, E-Commerce to name a few and have designed for brands such as EY, Stanford University, McKinsey & Company, Myntra and Scoop-Whoop. Anil moved back from New Zealand to Bangalore, and has said that “I am a designer turned entrepreneur with 17 plus years of experience in the field and have climbed one step at a time. I have taken various odd jobs like cleaning up offices to fund my design courses and began my career as an illustrator/ graphic designer.” Lollypop believes that ‘design is purposeful and can empower & enrich lives of people’; no wonder their team is an eclectic mix of passionate designers who have made the digital landscape their home, workplace and playground. What sets them apart is not only their quality and creativity but their team of highly motivated and talented individuals. Their company motto is ‘Masterpieces are created with fun, laughter, and celebrations’ and  they are on a lookout to work with designers who have the passion, right attitude, and basic skills. They’re continuously searching for innovative ways to brighten the lives of their client, pixel by pixel.

You can check out their website or get in touch with them on Dysco here.

Pixel Nirvana

Location: Kochi, India
Known for: Research-oriented designing for startups and corporate firms. Route Cochin, online magazine & research platform, which focuses on narrating stories from the history and culture of Kochi

What started out as a small graphic design and print-oriented studio in Kochi, Kerala, soon blossomed into a multi-disciplinary design house called Pixel Nirvana. They have a small and efficient in-house team of experienced members who are deeply passionate about solving problems with the science of design, finding solutions rooted in cognitive psychology. Sudhith Xavier, the CEO and founder of Pixel Nirvana is a talented designer and visual artist who has been inclined towards design since an early age. He started his freelance work during his college days, his first project was magazine designs for schools and colleges. He says that Pixel Nirvana has been an organic extension of his career as a freelance designer. Under one roof they do branding and brand identity design; web, app, UI & UX design, graphic design, new media design, digital art, photography, and film-making; and just about anything under the sun that requires imagination, innovation, and creativity. Route Cochin is Pixel Nirvana’s (extremely impressive) attempt at setting a high bar for digital publishing and content creation in India. A wholesome publication, it delves deep into the rich and varied culture of Kochi. Pixel Nirvana’s clients vary from corporates to independent ventures and startups, including Toyota, Kochi Music Festival, Sree Annapoorna Hotels and CGH Earth hotels. They are looking for people to work with as team members or clients, who seek smart solutions and better designs and strive for perfection.

You can check out their website or chat with Sudhith directly on Dysco here.


Location: Bangalore, India
Known for: Web design and development from companies like BlueStone and Infosys

Started in 2013 and based in Bangalore, Redd is a user experience design agency started by self-proclaimed design geeks. They focus on user experience design – if you are a start-up that needs to deliver a great experience to your customer on and off-screens, Redd is a good bet for you. They are unique in the attention they pay to understanding the business before tailoring experiences to achieve its goals. They have worked with large companies like Infosys, L&T, and Lacoste, to start-ups like ShopX, BlueStone, and Urban Ladder. Branding, service design and of course, software development are other services that they offer – making sure that the software they design for you also comes to life. From e-commerce websites to mobile-only apps, their design aesthetic is clean, minimal and easy to understand. Their main aim while designing any product is to humanise it and make it personal. Sharan Grandigae, founder at Redd, always dreamt of being an owner of a software company until he was exposed to design. “Design took everything I loved about software and amplified it. So it’s no wonder that I run a design studio today.” What sets them apart is their proven ability to work in industry verticals ranging from breast cancer detection and online furniture sales to telecommunications and loan management systems. They are forever discovering new worlds at the intersection of different industry verticals and revel in the possibilities this holds for their clients.

You can check out their website or chat with Sharan directly on Dysco here.


Location: New Delhi, India
Known for: A client list that includes Samsung; AIB’s ad wing, Vigyapanti, Mahindra and National Law University

Prateek and Sanchit started Struckby, a collaborative design studio after graduating from National Institute of Design with a degree in product design and communication design, respectively. This New Delhi-based design practice has bold and intriguing design solutions for their projects. “Our expertise lies in problem-solving through design.” They have worked with a distinguished list of clients in the past. They recently designed a range of dynamic wallpapers for Samsung based on abstract themes of fluidity. Vigyapanti is an ad wing that AIB launched and Struckby designed everything from their branding to logo to animation to video. They have even worked with the Indian Institute of Architecture and National Law University, Delhi. They’re a multidisciplinary design studio who are constantly collaborating with professionals, student designers and artists for different and new perspectives on each project. Their services range from branding, motion, audio, typeface design, packaging, interaction and interface design. When we asked them about who they would like to work or collaborate with, they said,  “We like to work with clients that are looking for a process based consultancy as that results in unique solutions. As for designers, we get along with anyone who has a deep understanding of their discipline, skills and keen minds are valued at Struckby.” 

You can check out their website or get in touch with them on Dysco here.

The Bold Creative

Location: Bangalore, India
Known for: Dysco branding, logo and design, short films for brands like Burger King and Ola cabs

Founded in 2014 by Vanshaj Kapur, The Bold Creative is a young, creative design agency based in Bangalore. Vanshaj started working at a young age as a director and producer for short films, fashion videos, and music videos. He has worked with major brands like DUX Media, Sunburn, Google, Lakmé Fashion Week, and IIFA Awards. They love breaking down complex challenges into strategic and innovative solutions for their clients, giving them the best of both worlds – creativity and technology. “Think of two circles: design and communication. We’re the part where those two meet. People come to us because they’re too busy working on their idea or aren’t aware of how best to package their idea, we step in and take over from there, conceptualising and executing and freeing up their time.” Their strengths lie in web design, branding, films, graphic design, advertising, and photography. Dysco can’t help being partial to the enthusiastic, dedicated and genuinely passionate team at The Bold. We can definitely vouch for their creativity and professionalism since they designed Dysco’s branding, logo and UI/UX. They’ve also worked with Ola for a short film and designed Stylecracker’s UI. They carefully design a branding solution for you, step by step, focusing on each aspect of your company. They make amazing short films, they will help you with your brand strategy and they will design your app and website and everything else too! 

You can check out their website or chat with Pragnya from The Bold Creative on Dysco here.

Workshop Inc

Location: Ahmedabad, India
Known for: Translating a brand’s vision to spaces, like they did for The Project Cafe and Unlocked Cafe

A small multidisciplinary studio based in Ahmedabad, Workshop Inc was founded in 2014 by three friends – Keta Shah, Varun Shah and Harsha Mistry. They met at CEPT University and established Workshop Inc after collaborating on a few projects together. They started off primarily as a space design agency since Keta and Harsha are qualified architects and Varun, an interior designer. Eventually, they started taking up branding and graphic design projects to meet their clients’ comprehensive design demands. Their services span across architecture and interior design, exhibition design, and branding. They are also dabbling in styling, art direction and designing custom wedding invitations. “Working across varied fields, we learn new things everyday and that allows us to think beyond the obvious solutions for our designs” says Keta. They take a consistent and holistic approach to their work that gives them a full range of creative possibilities. They’ve been featured in Better Interiors, Inside Outside, Home Review, DesignBoom,, and Kyoorius amongst others. And were recently recognised as one of the six young upcoming architecture and design firms by Home Review magazine. “We are always looking out for artists and illustrators to collaborate with on our projects. Moreover, we are looking to work with people who are open to working across different fields and are passionate about creating something new!”

You can check out their website or chat with Keta directly on Dysco here.