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A Curated List of 10 Innovative F&B Entrepreneurs & Ventures

With inspiration taken from visual as well as practical means, these innovative entrepreneurs have taken their love for food and married it with their individual passions, be it video production, curated events or sustainability. With some having started food trucks, some delving into the world of healthy eating and mindfulness, and some wondering how to eat well and still stay fit, the F&B entrepreneurs have blended talent and innovation. Dysco has created a curated list of 9 such innovators who are taking large strides in the space of creating and innovating in the food space – Le Casse Croûte, Danda Food Project, Fitbakes, Copper and Cloves, Happy Roots, Sweet Tooth Patisserie, PeelsNutButterCo., Your Food Lab, Savor Experiences and Arugula.

As Jonathan Safran Foer rightly said, “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.” These food innovators have what it takes to create a living out of their passion. Be it dessert making, serving up mouth-watering French food, or making cakes that fit right into your diet schedule, the people listed here have a knack for knowing exactly what their customers are looking for, and how they can leave behind regular food practices, and showcase their work using their imagination.

Whether you want to feast your eyes on their creation or on their food, these frontrunners have built entire lifestyles around their business. With mindful living, healthy eating and gourmet lunches in the mix, the following culinary artists tempt many more than regular food connoisseurs!

Le Casse Croûte 

Based in Bangalore, Le Casse Croûte opened its red, white and blue truck doors in September 2015. A food truck that serves tasty French food, Le Casse Croûte sources ingredients daily and is passionate about helping their customers discover fresh, homemade French food. When it comes to delicious crepes, croques and frites, this exciting venture started by Johanne, Nicolas and Nicolas who are all French, was created when the three of them met in Bangalore and sought to carve a space for themselves in the food industry.

Nicolas Grossemy, one of the founders, believed that this food truck would be a great way to actually have a personal connection with his customers. He wants to be able to give the customers an experience and explain to them the recipes and the food techniques they’ve used so that he can guide them and help them travel with the food. Being the first French food truck in Bangalore, the Le Casse Croûte truck roams the city every day. They even cater at birthday parties, corporate events and school events. Track the food truck to taste their food on the go, or subscribe to their Hood Alert if you want to know every time they come to your neighbourhood!

Le Casse Croûte also has their own restaurant space in Thippasandra so you can go visit them at their takeaway counter every day of the week. The food truck operates on word of mouth, and they’re open to collaborating with those who have a passion for food and are always on the lookout for passionate cooks. You can speak to Nicolas via Dysco here, where you can also find the link to Le Casse Croûte’s website and social media! 

Danda Food Project

Creating curated dining experiences in the city of Mumbai, Danda Food Project provides their customers with custom experiences when it comes to the tasting of food.

Pushing boundaries of food and celebrating the art of food and its forgotten traditions, Danda Food Project host private events and has pop up restaurants. They couple their journey with modern techniques of the preparation of food, and tell a story through the dining experience. The Danda experience involves an eight to ten-course meal with drink pairings that aim to support lesser known food producers in the country and to bring up the importance of homegrown ingredients.

Started by Anandita Kamani, Aditya Raghavan and Abhishek Chinchalkar, Danda Food Project is an intricately-woven journey with food that you must experience.

Your Food Lab 

Started by Chef Sanjyot Keer in 2016, Your Food Lab showcases recipes in quick videos online. With a great range of choices that start from healthy to cheesy and spicy, Your Food Lab’s videos are bright and cheerful, and extremely informative for the foodie or home cook watching them. Sanjyot says, “I just wanted to showcase my love for food in front of the World Wide Web and pass on my skills to a wide audience and not let my passion for food die. And here it is, Your Food Lab having over 1.5 million followers and growing every day.”

Sanjyot wakes up early to start making food all day and take videos of it, and edits them before putting it up online. His passion for food and his driving force began at a young age and he was encouraged by his family to follow through on his love for cooking.  His success has largely been due to the support of his family and his determination to make something of his interests. He began filming with his phone, and started to hone his skills to create high quality content for Your Food Lab. YFL has grown tremendously over the last year, after having started in just a small room with basic equipment. With videos that now uses professional processes and advanced equipment, Sanjyot aims to provide the best content for his viewers. Now, YFL has launched YFL Junior to cater to children of all ages, the youngest member of the team being just 5 years old!

For all the foodies in Mumbai, Your Food Lab also reviews restaurants and food spots in Mumbai that serve lip smacking food. Sanjyot would love to collaborate with those in the creative space, such as video content creators, video and photo editors, artists, culinary interns, and food stylists. Strike up a conversation with Sanjyot on Dyscowhere you can also find the link to their website and social media! 


Trishala Ashok, the founder of Fitbakes, has always been into fitness and health. Being health conscious, she started her company because she wanted snacks she could have without the guilt involved in bingeing on junk food. Founded in 2016, Fitbakes provides a variety of healthy baked desserts that you can enjoy even if you’re on the path to fitness.

Trishala experiments with fresh fruits, incorporates your need for fibre and protein, and ensures that she uses only palm sugar, honey or jaggery. She also opts for quinoa, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and even zucchini instead of using maida or regular flour. These baked goods can also be made vegan! Recently, she came up with a recipe for guilt-free donuts that are made with whole wheat flour.

If you’re craving something sweet after a meal or looking for a healthy evening snack, Fitbakes is just the place to order from. With rich chocolate cakes with peanut butter frosting, moist brownies, and succulent berry muffins, Fitbakes has made eating healthy more enjoyable. Connect with Fitbakes via Dysco here, where you can also find the link to their website and social media! 


Copper and Cloves 

Copper and Cloves is a wellness and nutrition blog started by Sarah Edwards. Living in India, Sarah has formed a passion for healthy home cooking and cooks with fresh and organic Indian produce. She believes that eating whole food that is colourful, delicious and fresh has the power to nourish you and transform your body. Sarah originally hails from London, and her cooking reflects London’s wide range of cuisines with European, Middle-Eastern and Asian influences. Copper and Cloves celebrates the use of Indian fruits and vegetables in creating nourishing recipes.

Sarah collaborates with other brands, interesting venues and fitness, meditation and yoga teachers to create unique experiences that are both fun and promote wellbeing. Copper and Cloves organised a Yoga Brunch event in the beautiful Nicobar Design Studio that brought people together to practice yoga and share a nourishing, meal. It was a great success and she is set to organise more of these in the future around India. Sarah is currently training to be a Health Coach which is all about supporting people in their health journey and helping them adopt healthy habits. Copper and Cloves specialises in homemade, nourishing snacks including granola bars, energy balls and jars of granola, and they currently deliver in Bangalore. Copper and Cloves use only biodegradable packaging and their products are free from refined sugar, additives and preservatives.

 Sarah says, “I want Copper and Cloves to become a hub for living well by supporting people to eat well and adopt healthy habits through my blog and online content, hosting fun, inclusive wellness events, and by cooking up delicious food and showing people that eating nourishing food never needs to be bland or boring!” She is always looking to collaborate with people and brands in the food, wellness, fitness and sustainability space. Message Sarah on her Dysco profile here, where you can also find the link to their website and social media! 

Savor Experiences

If you want your next lunch (and every lunch after that) to be a surprise, gourmet event, Savor Experiences can do that for you. What do we mean? We’re telling you it’s possible to now get a new gourmet meal for lunch every day in Mumbai! Savor Experiences, a lunch-only delivery service, aims to provide a tiffin service with a slight tweak. With meals that include pecorino rolls, okonomiyaki and crepes, Savor Experiences changes up the menu every day.

Founded by  Kanu Gupta, the service promises a hearty cuisine made with fresh and local produce. Being the masterminds behind The Secret Supper Project, these Mumbaikars want to make people savor lunchtime; not just eat lunch. Caught up in the mechanical grind, we forget that there’s more to life than the tick of the clock and the accumulation of things. Savor has three highly curated offerings –

  1. Savor Lunch, a lunch subscription service
  2. Savor Secret Supper, their original supper club
  3. Savor Experiences, an event company

At Secret Supper, food is part of a bigger story. Stories of people, places and coincidences. Stories that carry along the anticipation and hope of a first date, or stories that flow as naturally as a conversation with a childhood friend. At Savor Secret Supper they look for those that enjoy surprise and wonder in their food as much as they do in their lives. You may share a table with a new entrepreneur intoxicated with a billion-dollar idea, an underground artist who moves with the wind or just someone on a quest to find themselves. You never know whom you’ll meet, but you can be sure that these encounters will enchant you and remain with you for a lifetime. Savor Secret Supper creates these stories, and makes sure that no story repeats itself.

Happy Roots

Using premium socially conscious and handcrafted produce, Happy Roots inspires positive changes in the food space. Started by Reema Sathe from Pune, Happy Roots follows through on its mission of combining the process of innovation in food, and development of the rural sector. Happy Roots make and market natural and healthy food that creates sustainable employment in the rural communities of India. Their food is made from preservative-free and additive-free ingredients, sourced from tribal farmers, and some of their offerings include dips and cookies made by rural women’s groups who are trained. With her initiative, many rural farmers are now receiving a 100% profit margin!

Happy Roots aims to build a successful chain of events that benefit both farmers and the consumers, and aims to make conscious food easier to find. They are also trying to pave a path in the food industry for endangered Indian grains by reviving these crops and making them available in the urban market.

Peels Nut Butter Co.

Ever wondered what you could eat right after an intense workout or a day out, and not pack in the calories after you’ve worked so hard? PeelsNutButterCo. makes 100% natural nut butters in small batches. Started by Payal Kini in 2016, PeelsNutButterCo. began when she would go on bike rides often, and she needed something to fuel her morning rides. She started making this nutrition packed snack, and soon started to make some for other bikers and amateur athletes too. They loved how healthy and natural it was, and two years later, she started her company!

Payal’s goal is to run a sustainable company by hiring the right people and promoting the concept of eating right and eating well. She sources sustainable produce directly from farmers and uses glass jars to eradicate waste. Payal stresses, “the ultimate goal is to live a happy and carefree life!” PeelsNutButterCo. competes (and wins!) against store bought peanut butter which has up to 20% emulsified fats, which isn’t heart healthy. Every jar made at PeelsNutButterCo. is handmade with no additives. Every jar is roasted and whipped only once an ordered is placed, making sure her customers only get the best and the freshest batch!

Payal is open to collaborating with like minded people who have small scale businesses or are entrepreneurs who seek to live a sustainable, healthy, and economically friendly life. You can chat with Payal via her Dysco profile, where you can also find the link to their website and social media! 

Sweet Tooth Patisserie

Ever heard of a dentist who wants to serve you desserts? Sweet Tooth Patisserie does just that! Started by Kriti Rao, a dentist by profession, Sweet Tooth serves up customised cakes, tarts, cupcakes and even Indian sweets. The Patisserie was started about a year ago, when she began by writing a dessert blog and serving up her treats for friends and family who soon asked if she sold her cakes. Eventually Kriti started making desserts for a living. She’s still a dentist though!

Everything from Sweet Tooth is customised according to your dietary needs – she makes vegan cakes, decadent cakes, and even keto cakes. Kriti caters to parties and for special occasions, and specialises in buttercream cakes, dark chocolate and salted caramel tarts, rasmalai tres leches, and floral cakes. Initially, Kriti received help from her friends and family. She takes orders through Instagram, and has collaborated with photographers like Neel Bhupathi and Dipika Sapre to get the word out about her desserts. She’s also collaborated with Chai Point to make masala chai cakes!

Open to collaborations from those who are passionate about baking, Kriti is open to working with people who are creative. You can also contact her for a variety of Indian-sweet inspired desserts. Have a chat with Kriti by messaging her on her Dysco profile, where you can also find the link to their website and social media! 


Arugula is a health food start-up, founded by Niharika Goenka with the goal to create exciting grocery products that are far beyond edible without compromising nutrition. The company was established in 2017 and manufactures a variety of salad dressings.

Nutrition is a ridiculous young science, crammed with inconsistencies and contradictory data. Most nutritionists, even when they are well read, can only do so much to sort through truckloads of confusing research. So, trust us, it’s not your fault for being caught between the latest fads, newspaper articles, and the celebrity diet that your arch enemy used to lose 10 kilos. But here’s where Niharika goes back to the basics, “What we do know is that vegetables and fruits can only be good for you, added sugars are horrible, if your food doesn’t rot, it isn’t food, and if the products you buy contain ingredients you don’t recognise (what is colorant E289 anyways?), don’t buy them!”

Arugula is a food philosophy that makes it simple to eat more nutrition with every meal. They do so by curating and creating honest products that taste really good with vegetables. Arugula also recommends vegetable pairings that are easily found at your local grocery store. They bring not just nutrition, but satiety to every meal. And to think, it all started with a salad dressing.

Arugula is going to start online retailing services soon, keep an eye out to keep your waist in! Niharika is looking to collaborate with professionals in the marketing and distribution field. You can connect with Niharika on her Dysco Profile, where you can also find links to her social media!

This Curated List was compiled by Janani Balasundar for Dysco. Janani is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader whose interests lie in the nuances of English and grammar. With a camera in hand and a book in her bag, Janani loves to travel the world and capture the best of it on her Instagram handle; @wide.eyed.turtle. She also enjoys playing the ukulele and is interested in fitness. Chat with Janani on Dysco if you’re interested in collaborating. 

The featured image has been taken from Copper and Cloves.