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Beta & Beyond: Meet the Speakers

This event is now at capacity and the guest list is closed. 

We’re hosting Beta and Beyond on the 2nd of March at Todi Mill Social, to bring together a group of entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators to discuss how they navigate through their own beta phases. We expect it to be an insightful session, with advice and inspiration from various people facing similar challenges. See more details via our Facebook page here

To disambiguate the processes between what happens between the birth of an idea and the big launch, the not-so glitzy backstage endeavours and the sweat equity from constant improvisation, we have 5 speakers who will present their main challenges in the beta phase, their struggles, and solutions that have helped them so far.

Beta Voice

Anushka Gupta, PillowTalk

A platform for discovery, conversation, and community dedicated to sexual health and wellness. PillowTalk aims to be India’s first online content platform that can educate people through open-source content, inclusive community and a brand of trustworthiness.

There is a clear curiosity and need for information surrounding sexual health and wellness, which we aim to provide. According to the Youth Study in India, 83% of young men and 81% of young women felt the need for sex education. Both the act of sex and talking about it are taboo, even though sex is increasingly permeating popular culture considering Indians are among the highest consumers of pornography.

Anushka will be talking about her challenge of defining a brand tone/voice, in a country as large and divided as India.

Beta Disruption

Varun Goenka, Match Poker

Match Poker is a variant of  Texas Hold’em widely accepted as a mind sport and game of skill that it is. It is devised by the International Federation of Match Poker to reduce the element of luck inherent in traditional forms of poker, ensuring that it is a contest based on players’ skill and conforms to the accepted definition of a sport.

Did you know that Professor Charlie Nesson, who heads the law school at Harvard University, has created the Global Poker Strategy and Thinking Society? He says that to become a lawyer from Harvard, you must be a poker player, since the skills you develop while playing poker are extremely applicable to practicing law! This is just one of many examples of poker skills being useful in real life.

Varun will be speaking about changing the perception and legacy of poker as gaming and gambling while scaling across continents.


Beta Pivots

Khrisha Shah, Dysco

Dysco is a professional networking platform and community, trying to bring creative and non-creative individuals, businesses, brands, and organisations together on a common platform. Through events, content and connections, Dysco envisions a future with access to creative resources and empowering no-collar professionals.

Through a Dysco conducted survey we learned that only 23% of people find social networks to elicit a community like belonging. Being that 70% of our respondents depend on word-of-mouth techniques to learn about and find jobs, there is an urgent need to digitalise it. There is endless talk about a community and resources but can there be one if all one reaps is clout, no face-to-face interaction or meaningful connections?

Khrisha will be talking about the chicken and egg problem. How do you build a platform and community simultaneously, when both are dependent on each other?

Beta Education

Siddharth Somaiya, Organic Riot 

Organic Riot is made to give young India access to safe skincare. We want to assure people that you don’t have to sacrifice your internal health for external beauty. You can achieve both safely and effectively.

All your vitamin C serums use synthetic Vitamin C, none of them come from Oranges or Lemons. And the cocoa butter industry is notorious for making children under the age of 15 harvest cocoa seeds. They are often kidnapped and sold to traffickers and farm owners by their own relatives, used as unpaid slaves, sometimes throughout their adulthood. So although cocoa butter may be fantastic for the skin, we consciously replace it with kokum butter that better aligns with our values. In India, kokum grows wildly – therefore we can be sure that sourcing it for our products doesn’t negatively affect the biodiversity of the region.

Siddharth will be talking about his challenge in educating the consumer as to what is safe and what is not.

Beta Products

Mikhel Rajani, Naagin Hot Sauce

With India’s world-renowned reputation for its love for all things spicy, Naagin gives our love for chilies it’s due with India’s first ever hot sauce. It is unapologetically spicy and will be catered to all members of a family with varying spice tolerances.

Hailing from North East India is a chili called Bhut Jolokia and is frequently used in local food. Otherwise known as ‘Ghost Pepper,’ the main ingredient in Naagin’s Bhut Indian Hote Sauce is not for the weak hearted-or stomachs! Testiment to this are YouTube videos of people eating a whole ghost pepper and guzzling milk if they haven’t passed out. Naagin’s Original Hot Sauce is made to cater to those family members who are less spice tolerant.

Mikhel will be talking about the challenge of picking the right product and path.



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